Spending Sunday in Downtown Fargo

It wasn’t long ago that Sundays in downtown Fargo were quiet and peaceful. There would be a few restaurants and retailers open, but not enough to make a day out of it. Weekend visiotrs would spend their last day in town roaming the streets with camera in hand, stopping in front the iconic Fargo Theatre for photos. Inside would be a handful of movie goers, checking out the latest film. During the school year, the coffee shops might be bustling with students, heads down, focused on school work… or Facebook. But these days, Sundays in downtown Fargo have a new level of activity.

After a collective effort by downtown business owners, we are seeing a shift in Sunday offerings in downtown Fargo. With a majority of retailers, art galleries, and restaurants expanding their hours to Sunday, you can now turn Sunday into a ‘fun-day’ in downtown Fargo. Most retailers, art galleries and restaurants have expanded their hours to Sunday. You can now turn Sunday in a ‘fun-day’ in downtown Fargo. Here are a few of my favorite suggestions to get you started.


While locals love open hours on Sunday, it is especially important to our visitors. Sundays are now some of the best days to visit Fargo. Our friendly neighbors to the North are frequent visitors here. With many Canadian holidays falling on a Monday, travelers can enjoy a Sunday in Fargo before traveling back across the border. Furthermore, the Travel Ambassadors working in our visitors center appreciate being able to direct visitors toward downtown on Sundays. They know there will be plenty for travelers to do and see… and eat!

There are plenty of coffee shops and restaurants in downtown Fargo that offer wonderful options for a light breakfast or brunch. Sunday brunch at BernBaum’s is one of my favorite ways to wind-down the weekend. Or maybe it’s to gear up for the week ahead? It depends on the week, I guess.

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