Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries

It’s no secret that Fargo loves craft beverages; the craftier the better. We’ve got more breweries per capita than any place within 200 miles. Also, did you know there are wineries near Fargo ND? Most wines are made from locally grown, hearty grapes and fruits. Spirits? We have those too, from the first urban cidery in the state to the first distillery since prohibition.

Oh, and we put pickles in our (non-craft) beer… is that weird?

Reap the benefits of your beer and wine drinking by participating in one of the brewery or winery tour passports:

Crafts And Drafts Pass

Fargo-Moorhead is home to some incredible breweries, from nationally-known spots like Junkyard and Drekker, to the OG Fargo Brewing, to little-known…

Red River Wine Trek

Curious about North Dakota-made wines, ciders, and meads? Grab a Red River Winery Trek passport and visit each of the locations to earn a prize!.

Local Breweries

Fargo loves beer… the craftier the better.

Locals play games surrounding it, put strange things in it, and help hold down North Dakota’s #3 position on the list of states that drink the most beer. Fargoans are also huge supporters of drinking local, and we have the breweries to prove it.

So without further ado, find our brewery locations below.

Local Wineries and Cideries

You may be surprised to know that in Fargo (and just outside) there are many gorgeous and interesting wineries. Check out our guide to local wineries near Fargo to learn more about each one. 

There are also two local cideries, the first one that opened is in Ayr, North Dakota, Cottonwood Cider House. The other is in Downtown Fargo in a historical building, it's called Wild Terra Cidery.