Murals of Fargo-Moorhead

Fargo is covered in art. Literally. Everything from the buildings to the electrical boxes are coated with the amazing works of local artists. Every few blocks a new mural awaits. Below is a list of some of the murals in the Fargo are that you can check out.

We’ve created a handy map that you can print and take with you.

Interactive murals

Jump in, get involved, and get that perfect Instagram shot with one of these murals.

Art Alley

1st Ave N between 4th St and 5th St, Fargo

Art alley graffiti art in Downtown Fargo

In 2015, the alley behind The Forum building was designated as a legal street art wall. Since then, the art of this alley has changed frequently. Walk through and see what’s new.

Bird Up

409 Broadway N, Fargo

Bird Up street mural

Completed in the summer of 2018 by artist Hideuhs, Bird Up covers the entire south wall of 409 Broadway, right in the heart of Downtown Fargo.

Butter the Octopus

To the east of 409 Broadway, Fargo

Downtown Fargo Octopus mural

On the east side of the same building, you’ll find Butter the Octopus stretching its legs across two garage doors and waving a rainbow flag to passersby. Olivia Bain is the artist in charge of this cool mural as well.

Mario Wall

Alley behind Pickled Parrot, Fargo

kids jumping in front of Fargo Mario Wall mural

Two local artists – Dark Elvis and Icky Hiccup – channeled their inner Mario and Luigi to create this interactive (and hugely popular) #FargoMarioWall just behind the Pickled Parrot.


Corner of 7th Ave N on Roberts St, Fargo

Peacock street mural in downtown Fargo

This peacock mural has become so iconic in Fargo, it seems like it’s been around much longer than it actually has. Painted by Paul Ide in 2010, the mural adds a wonderful vibrant pop of color to Roberts Street!


8th St between Main Ave and 1st Ave S, Fargo

Penguin mural street art downtown fargo

There’s so much to appreciate about this mural. First of all… penguins. Who doesn’t love penguins? Especially penguins that are hang gliding, fishing and using floaties. This painting was done by Paul Ide in 2011 as part of ‘Hip Hop Don’t Stop,’ an event that happened annually in Fargo from 2009 to 2011 and featured aerosol art creation.

Roberts Alley

Alley on 2nd Ave between Roberts St. and Broadway, Fargo

Roberts Alley mural in Downtown Fargo

Create your own postcard-worthy shot in front of this ‘Welcome to Roberts Alley’ mural, adorning a large garage door tucked inside this hotspot of activity in Downtown Fargo.

Postcard Mural

Alley on 2nd Ave between Roberts and Broadway

Another Roberts Alley favorite, the Downtown Fargo Postcard mural is a depiction of Downtown fargo and many of the great, historical buildings that line the streets.

Silver Linings Wings

123 Broadway N, Fargo

Silver Linings wing mural in Downtown Fargo

One of the most photographed murals of the last year, the wings outside of Silver Lining Creamery create a fun, interactive shot for people (and dogs) of all sizes.

Greetings from Fargo Train Car

Corner of Main and Broadway, Fargo

Greetings from Fargo mural on train car in Downtown Fargo

Another masterpiece by Steve Knutson, visitors and locals alike head to the Greetings from Fargo train car to commemorate their time in our fine city.

Wheat Mural

300 Broadway in the alley, Fargo

Wheat mural in Downtown Fargo

This North Dakota-esque painting is a nod to the prairie heritage that many in the Fargo-Moorhead community relate to. According to the artist, Paul Ide, he used the imperfections of the surface as design elements, and that makes the mural even more beautiful.

Wheat Mural #2

On the side of 19 8th St S, Fargo

Wildflower and wheat field street art mural in Downtown Fargo

Another ode to the wheat fields and wildflowers of North Dakota, this expansive mural covers the side of one of the historic buildings on Fargo’s 8th St.

Skateful Dead

Nestor Tavern | 1001 NP Ave N, Fargo

Street mural in Downtown Fargo of skating bears called Skateful Dead

Chris Dyer’s Skateful Dead Bears mural is brilliant. Completed in August 2015, you don’t have to be into skating or Grateful Dead to be intrigued by this piece.


Ace Hardware | 20 6th St S, Moorhead

56560 zip code street mural in Moorhead

Completed summer 2016, this mural depicts the zip code of Fargo’s sister city on the Minnesota side of the river, Moorhead.


Ray’s Certified Auto Repair | 1313 Main Ave, Moorhead

Ray's Certified Auto Repair Mural 56560

Completed in September 2017 by mural artist Grant Hicks, here’s a second opportunity to get a photo with that notable Moorhead zip code.

For your viewing pleasure

These murals aren’t interactive, but they’re every bit as fun to check out!

Prairie Rose

Prairie Rose Lofts | 506 Roberts St N, Fargo

Prairie Rose building mural

North Dakota’s state flower, the Wild Prairie Rose, is painted on the aptly-named Prairie Rose Lofts in Downtown Fargo. The artist, Steve Knutson, has created several pieces of art that celebrate North Dakota.


Meadowlark Building | 503 7th St N, Fargo

Meadowlark Mural on building in downtown Fargo

The Meadowlark, North Dakota’s state bird, is another painting by Steve Knutson. The Meadowlarks are painted on the side of what is called the Meadowlark building, an office building located in Downtown Fargo. There are two birds painted on the building, one on the east side and one on the west side.

Sunny Brook Whiskey / The Cowboy

McCormick Building | 320 5th St N, Fargo

Sunny Brook mural in Downtown Fargo

This mural showing a cowboy and a bottle of Sunny Brook whiskey is one of the older ones in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

The painting was originally done in 1949 by Charles Selberg, an artist originally from Grand Forks who went on to do many impressive things with his life. The painting was whitewashed shortly after its completion by a group against the consumption of alcohol. In 2003, E. Chandler O’Leary, an artist originally from the Fargo-Moorhead area, restored the painting.

Try Art

Katherine Kilbourne Burgum Center for Creativity | 704 1st Ave N, Fargo

Try Art mural in Downtown Fargo

Painted on the side of the Plains Art Museum’s Center for Creativity, this piece begs viewers to give art a try… fitting, considering the Center for Creativity holds a constant rotation of art classes perfect for you to try!

Brewery art

Our local breweries interweave their locations with local artists. These are some of the top spots to check out.

Junkyard Brewing

1416 1st Ave N, Moorhead

Junkyard Brewing building mural

Created by artist Mandel Mertz, this mural on the exterior of Junkyard Brewing Company represents some of Moorhead’s history. The Hjemkomst Viking Ship, a catfish and various other elements are featured in the mural.

Drekker’s Brewhalla

1666 1st Ave N, Fargo

Punchgut, a well-known local artist, finished this masterpiece on the interior wall of Drekker’s newest brewery location, Brewhalla. Grab a beer (whose label was also designed by Punchgut) and head to the back room to get your picture in front of this captivating wall.

Fargo Brewing Company

610 N University Dr, Fargo

The oldest brewery in Fargo recently got a makeover from Fargo-based sign company, Upper Hand Signs.

Pixeled Brewing Company

1100 NP Ave, Suite 101, Fargo

Grant Hicks mural inside Pixeled Brewing Company

Grant Hicks worked his magic inside Fargo’s first-ever arcade and brewery, Pixeled Brewing. Besides over 50 arcade games, you can find his murals adorning almost every free inch of wall space.

Whether you’re looking for your next perfect Instagram post, or just like to look at some really sweet art, use this guide to the murals in Fargo to find the best spots.