Get your coffee fix in Fargo-Moorhead

Coffee in Fargo is not just a beverage, it’s a necessity. Locals love to drink all kinds of coffee, not only because it’s delicious, but also because it keeps us warm and toasty during the cold months. With so many great local coffee shops to go to, we thought you might want a list where we think the best coffee shops in Fargo are.

Young Blood Coffee Co.

This West Coast-themed coffee shop is newer to Fargo and we can’t get enough! Young Blood Coffee Co. creates a beautiful cup of coffee that’s totally instagrammable and delicious.

Recommend to try: homemade sourdough toast with almond butter and strawberry jam with any of the lattes.

623 2nd Ave N, Fargo | (218) 770-4728

Twenty Below Coffee Co.

This family-owned coffee shop not only roasts their own beans, but creates a place where community members and visitors feel welcome to sit and stay for a while. Sit along the coffee bar and chat with the friendly baristas, cozy up on a leather couch, or sit at long wooden tables and have a conversation with a stranger over a superb cup of Twenty Below Coffee‘s house blends.

Recommend to try: Go all in on the pour-over coffee.

14 Roberts St N, Fargo
600 8th St S, Moorhead

Babb's Coffee House

Babb's is a Seattle-themed coffee shop in Downtown Fargo, complete with a "Public Market Center" sign above the bar. The coffee and teas are airlifted in from Seattle, so you truly can have a taste of the coast at Babb's!

Recommend to try: The Dancing Goats is an award-winning drip coffee blend that should not be missed.

604 Main Ave, Fargo | (701) 271-0222

Bully Brew

Located on Veterans Ave., Bully Brew is a coffee shop, a roaster, and coffee wholesaler! Bully Brew has always believed that good coffee makes every conversation a little better, and that's exactly what they provide... amazing coffee and a great atmosphere for conversation.

Recommend to try: The classic Cold Brew Coffee on a hot summer day, or one of their many drip blends for those chillier days. Sounds simple, but there's nothing ordinary about their coffee.

3216 Veterans Blvd. West Fargo | (701) 639-7205
1414 12 Ave N, Fargo | (701) 566-5614

Atomic Coffee

At Atomic Coffee, you'll find locals meeting over a cup of Joe pretty much any time of day – it's an institution in Downtown Fargo. Full of natural light from the large windows overlooking Broadway, the industrial-chic interior has plenty of seating. Plus, the coffee is great (and they have various gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan food options).

Recommend to try: The blended mochas are a must-try, but the Italian sodas are a great option for those non-coffee drinkers.

222 Broadway N, Fargo | (701) 478-6160

Beans Coffee Bar

With three locations in Fargo, Beans claims to be "pouring love... one cup at a time." Each day of the week has a different daily brew flavor, so you'll never get sick of what's on the menu! Not to mention, they serve a mini donut on each drink (yum!).

Recommend to try: The Beans Mocha Turtle, a dark chocolate and caramel mocha.

5675 26th Ave S Suite 100, Fargo | (701) 540 9055
2550 S University Dr, Fargo | (701) 566-8187
201 5th St N, Fargo | (701) 271-7715

Red Raven Espresso Parlor

This all-ages venue for music also makes a great cup of coffee! They make specialty drinks for each season at the Red Raven Espresso Parlor, along with a wide variety of loose leaf tea and syrup flavors.

Recommend to try: Bailey's Breve (on the winter specialty menu) made with Irish cream flavored syrup, espresso, and half & half.

916 Main Ave, Fargo | (701) 478-7337

Red River Coffee Co.

Whenever you walk into Red River Coffee, you will definitely feel at home with the friendly faces, homemade foods, and comfortable seating areas.

Recommend to try: ANY of the homemade donuts (made each morning), and a chai tea latte – one of the best in town.

2600 52nd Ave S, Fargo | (701) 356-3848

Nichole's Fine Pastry

You'll feel like you've been transported to France or Italy when you step inside Nichole's Fine Pastry. Rows and rows of pastries line the display cases, and all the flavors are heightened with a cup of their drip coffee.

Recommend to try: Grab a homemade biscotti or scone and fill up on the house drip coffee... it's unlimited refills when you dine in.

13 8th St S, Fargo | (701) 232-6430

Third Drop Coffee & Kitchen

Moxie Java has changed over to Third Drop Coffee, but don't worry they have the same owners and all the favorites still on the menu. Stop in for breakfast, lunch, or just a great coffee drink.

Recommend to try: Cold press coffee with a treat from the bakery.

111 Broadway, Fargo | (701) 297-0170
115 4th St S, Moorhead | (218) 233-0900

Black Coffee & Waffles

Everything is thoughtfully crafted here with waffles made with fresh ingredients and toppings made in-house with the coffee beans provided by local quality roasters and ground by hand.

Recommend to try: Gray Duck Chai (local and organic brewed chai) with almond milk with a Muddsucker waffle made with powdered sugar, cinnamon, raw sugar, honey, and whipped cream.

550 2nd Ave N, Fargo | (701) 566-8749

Ladybug Latte

Cute drive-thru coffee stand in West Fargo with treats and hot coffees.

Recommend to try: Gooey Caramella latte made with caramel sauce and vanilla.

619 Main Ave E, West Fargo | (701) 200-9674

Thunder Coffee

What started as a mobile coffee cart, now has its own storefront serving up specialty coffee in West Fargo.

Recommend to try: a latte made with KLLR Coffee beans, a coffee roaster that creates some killer coffee beans.

300 Sheyenne St, Suite 190, West Fargo | (701) 404-7743

Hopefully this list of the best local coffee shops in Fargo can guide you the next time you're wildly under-caffeinated. Happy sipping!