Fargo-Moorhead Caffeinated Crawl

Fargo likes to stay caffeinated, and with so many local coffee shops, it’s not hard to do. From home-roasted coffee beans to locally sourced teas, there’s something for everyone on the Caffeinated Crawl. Embark on a journey that awakens your senses and fuels your spirit – welcome to the Fargo Caffeinated Crawl! Unveil the heart of Fargo’s vibrant coffee culture like never before with our innovative digital passport. Whether you’re a local looking to rediscover your city or a visitor seeking an authentic experience, this passport is your key to unlocking a world of rich flavors, cozy atmospheres, and unforgettable moments in Fargo-Moorhead’s local coffee shops.

Caffeinated Crawl Rules

The Fargo Caffeinated Crawl is your ticket to a caffeinated adventure through the charming streets of Fargo. Picture this: you, armed with a digital passport, exploring a diverse array of cafes, each offering its own unique blend of aromas and character. From artisanal espresso shots that pack a punch to velvety lattes that comfort your soul, this crawl is a celebration of coffee in all its forms.

  1. Download the Passport: Secure your digital passport below and get ready to embark on your caffeinated journey.
  2. Browse Participating Cafes: Explore the list of handpicked cafes taking part in the Caffeinated Crawl. From hipster hideouts to cozy corners, you’ll discover the city’s coffee culture in a whole new light.
  3. Sip and Savor: Visit the cafes of your choice, indulge in their signature brews, and immerse yourself in the ambiance. Each cafe has a unique story to tell – let your taste buds be the storytellers.
  4. Collect Points: When you visit a cafe, simply present your phone to the barista or staff member to receive discounts, the passport points will automatically be added when you walk in the door.
  5. Earn Prizes: Once you reach the thresholds for the prizes you want, head to the Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center to redeem the points for the awesome prizes below.

Passes can be downloaded for free anytime, anywhere!

Participating Locations

Babb’s Coffee
604 Main Ave, Fargo

Bully Brew
3216 Veterans Blvd S, Fargo

Kreps Family Corner Coffee
2119 13th Ave S, Fargo

Ladybug Latte
583 Main Ave E, West Fargo

Nichole’s Fine Pastry
13 8th St S, Fargo

Red River Coffee Company
2600 52nd Ave S, Fargo

Sweet Dreams Confections
4101 13th Ave S, #1000, Fargo

Thunder Coffee
300 Sheyenne St, #190, West Fargo
Brewhalla | 1702 1st Ave N, Fargo

Twenty Below Coffee Co.
14 Roberts St N, Fargo
600 8th St S, Moorhead

Caffeinated Crawl Prizes

Coffee Scoop

Redeem 500 points to receive the Caffeinated Crawl coffee scoop.

Caffeinated Crawl Glass Mug

Redeem 1,000 points to receive the Caffeinated Crawl glass mug.

Caffeinated Crawl Sticker

Redeem 250 points to receive the Caffeinated Crawl Sticker.


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