It sometimes feels like Fargo is built around 21+ activities – eighteen craft drink spots, a thriving downtown bar scene, and endless mug nights are proof of that.

Some would say it's rough being underage in Fargo. Others, that it's downright boring.

Hopefully, this guide of things to do if you're under 21 in Fargo will help to change that, get you out on the town, and keep you from watching your favorite Netflix show again.

Outdoor activities for spring/summer/fall

If you love a little competition or just want to get active in the sun (and inevitable wind), these outdoor activities should do the trick.

Sports leagues

While colleges host plenty of intramurals, they aren't year-round. On the other hand, Fargo Parks runs tons of sports leagues (including fencing, table tennis, and dodgeball!) where you can meet people outside the college community.

Batting cages

Let off some steam and whack a few balls at the Thunder Road batting cages (helmets and bats provided, but open in summer only) or The Ball Yard for year-round slugging. You can also reserve the ATTIC even if you are not a member.

Thunder Road | 2902 Thunder Rd, Fargo | (701) 282-5151
The Ball Yard | 1623 38th St S, Fargo | (701) 356-9273
The ATTIC | 1892 17th Ave S, Fargo | (701) 232-9225

Sand volleyball

Grab a ball, some friends, and head to Rabanus Park or Fargo Billiards & Gastropub for a match. Or, join an adult Sand Volleyball league.

Rabanus Sand Volleyball Complex | 4315 18th Ave SW, Fargo | (701) 499-7788
Fargo Billiards & Gastropub | 3234 32nd Ave S, Fargo | (701) 282-4168


There are four skate parks in Fargo that are free to the public.

Dike West | 310 4th St S, Fargo
Jefferson West Park | 1904 4th Ave S, Fargo
Village West Park | 4415 9th Ave. Circle S, Fargo

Need to buy a board? THIS Skate and Snow in Downtown Fargo can help.


Fargo has seven excellent public golf courses where you can play a few rounds. El Zagal – oriented for beginners –  rents clubs (so does Prairiewood!) if you don't have your own.

Foot golf

The foot version of regular golf, you can head to El Zagal with a soccer ball (or rent one there) and play 9 holes of 'golf.' The course runs alongside the actual golf course, and you tee off from the same boxes, but they have their own greens and holes.

1400 Elm St N, Fargo | (701) 232-8156

Disc golf

Several parks across Fargo have disc golf courses. You can buy a frolf (frisbee-golf) disc at Scheels for $10-20 and hit the course with friends.

Thunder Road

Thunder Road isn't just for families and young kids – pretty much any group of friends can have fun at this outdoor adventure park. Mini golfing, batting cages, laser tag, and go-karts are some of the activities found here.

You can appreciate them from May to October, as Thunder Road closes for the winter season.

2902 Thunder Rd, Fargo | (701) 282-5151

Suite Shots

If you've ever tried Top Golf, you'd love Suite Shots. Although you can do it all year round, the summer is a great time to sit in the shade and practice your swing.

3400 James Way S, Fargo | (701) 532-4653

Bike ride

A bike ride is a fast and easy way to see the city or to get a little adventurous. If you have your own bike, take it for a spin on some of the bike trails that wind along the river.

Lindenwood Park rents regular road bikes as well as surrey bikes if you have a group that wants to all ride together.


Swimming pools can be a fun day out, even if you're not a kid anymore. Entry tends to be cheap ($7 or less), and you can spend as long as you like lounging in the sun or swimming some laps.


Don't overlook the Red River when you're choosing outdoor activities. Renting a kayak or canoe from Lindenwood Park or the River Keepers rental shack (located by the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead) costs about $10/hour.

1955 Roger Maris Dr, Fargo | (701) 356-2106
202 1st Ave N, Moorhead | (218) 299-5340


What Fargo lacks in mountains, it makes up for in fun hiking trails. Some of the best can be found just outside the city at Buffalo River State Park, Sheyenne National Grasslands, and Maplewood State Park, while relaxed walking trails are in city parks like M.B. Johnson Park and Lindenwood Park.

Winter outdoor activities

Obviously, this is North Dakota, and it can't always be summer (sigh). So, here are a few winter options to keep you outdoors (or help you hide from the cold inside).

Ice Skating

Outdoor skating rinks pop up around the city as soon as the temperatures allow (which is always pretty early). Several locations feature a staffed warming house during the season, which tends to be from December to very early March.

If you don't know how to skate, lessons are available, and you can usually find a cheap pair of ice skates at Play It Again Sports if you don't own a pair.

All outdoor skate rinks are open and free to the public!

Cross country skiing

From 1K to 3.7K, you can find cross-country ski trails in quite a few of Fargo's parks. Because it's so flat, it's a great form of exercise and just a weird, fun winter sport to try.

Play It Again Sports is another good bet for buying skis, but you can rent them from the Edgewood Chalet for $11.50 as well, as long as you use the Edgewood trails.

P.S. You can also rent snowshoes if you'd rather try that over skiing.


Let's be honest; we've all watched curling during the Winter Olympics and wanted to try it ourselves. In Fargo, you can.

The F-M Curling Club has leagues and learn-to-curl events at just $10 for 90 minutes on the ice sweeping or throwing stones!

4300 23rd Ave S, Fargo | (701) 232-0341

Sky Zone

The first non-cold activity on our list, Sky Zone, is an indoor trampoline park. They have specific events and daily times for older ages, so you won't have to worry about young kids.

'Glow' events mean jumping in the dark to lasers and music, and they also have Ultimate Dodgeball on their trampolines and a Foam Zone for practicing tricks.

940 40th St S, Fargo | (701) 478-8484

Kingpinz Social

This Family Entertainment center has bowling, an arcade, escape rooms, and laser tag. Kingpinz is the perfect spot for an indoor winter activity for the whole family.

3485 James Way S, Fargo


A tried and true option, bowling alleys in Fargo are always a cheap, fun night out (even if you don't like bowling). The best bowling alley for those under 21 but over 13 is The Bowler on South University Drive.

The building comprises 24 lanes, 3 bars (not that it matters), and a pizza parlor. The Bowler packs its events calendar with nearly-nightly things to do, including karaoke, trivia, and Rock-N-Bowl (aka black-light bowling to great music).

2630 University Dr, Fargo | (701) 235-7588

Roller skating

Pretend you work in a 50's cafe, strap on a pair of roller skates, and hit the rink at Skate City. Rent skates for $2.00, and then pay $5.00 for a 2-hour session (or go on Wednesdays from 6-9 p.m. for a discounted $3.00 entry).

If you want to go when the families don't, head over for APEX on Fridays from 8-11 p.m. It's a skate session just for teens and up.

3302 Interstate Blvd S, Fargo | (701) 235-0555


Lock yourself in a white box with a friend and smack a blue ball at each other – that's the premise of racquetball.

The Fercho YMCA in Downtown Fargo has racquetball courts available to rent. You'll just have to pay for a gym day pass if you aren't a member, but usually, equipment rental comes with it.

400 1st Ave S, Fargo | (701) 293-9622

Rock climbing

If you want to climb in Fargo, you have two options. First is the other branch of the YMCA, located just off 45th St. The other is the MSUM Wellness Center in Moorhead.

Fargo Climbing is another great option with a full space dedicated to rock climbing.

Make sure you call ahead for prices and see if you need any special training before you can tackle the rock walls.

Ax Throwing

Release your inner Lumberjack at Rough Cut Social or United States Axe. Pick up the ax and throw it at the bulls-eye on the wall. We promise it's really fun (and a good way to release pent-up anger). 

Rough Cut Social | 1100 NP Ave, Suite 102, Fargo | (701) 532-2467
United States Axe | 4625 45th St S, Fargo | (320) 200-5155

Indoor Nerf and Laser Tag

Grab a group of your most fun friends and head to TAG (Tactical Action Gaming) for some Nerf and Laser Tag.

This indoor sports arena is perfect for a battle using either Nerf guns or Laser Tag to tag your opponents and win the mission. 

1702 4th Ave W, Suite G, West Fargo | (701) 850-2174

Peruse a museum

Explore the arts and culture side of the Fargo-Moorhead area. We promise there's a lot to see.

Comstock House

Step back in time in this Victorian home. Even if you're not a history or museum person, pretend you lived in the era and play a little game: in each room, choose one item you'd absolutely keep in your own house and choose one you'd throw away immediately.

It's open by appointment only on select Saturdays from May - October. Check the MNHS website for more information.

506 8th St S, Moorhead | (218) 291-4211

Fargo Air Museum

Home to aircraft of all eras, from the modern Global Hawk unmanned reconnaissance drone to the "most accurate recreation of a Wright Brothers’ Flyer the Smithsonian Institute has ever seen."

If that doesn't draw you to the Fargo Air Museum, maybe the fact that it's just $7-8 entry and makes for really cool Instagram photos will.

1609 19th Ave N, Fargo | (701) 293-8043

Bonanzaville, USA

Another transport back in time, walk through the 43 historic pioneer buildings, chock full of artifacts and tidbits about the history of this area from back in the day.

1351 Main Ave W, West Fargo | (701) 282-2822

Red River Zoo

22-acres, 89 species, and 1 antique carousel = a great day out. The adorable Chinese red panda and river otters are worth the $9.75 entry alone.

The Red River Zoo is open year-round and houses some of the world's rarest cold climate species.

4255 23rd Ave S, Fargo | (701) 277-9240

MSUM Planetarium

So few people know about this hidden gem of the area. You don't have to be a science nerd to appreciate the cool night sky simulations and total immersion experiences at the Planetarium.

Sit back in the theater, look up, and journey through the stars. Check their website for the most updated list of public shows.

1104 7th Ave S, Moorhead | (218) 477-2161

Hjemkomst Center

The distinct tent-like structure sits right by the Red River on the Minnesota side. What's up with the shape, you ask? The Hjemkomst (pronounced YUM-kumst) houses a replica 9th-century Viking ship, so the peaks you see are where the mainsail resides.

This local heritage center works to showcase the history and culture of the people of this area. Besides the Viking ship, you can also walk through the Stave Church, located right next to the museum in a beautiful park near the river or peruse the many exhibits.

202 1st Ave N, Moorhead | (218) 299-5515

Wander through an art museum

If you want to get inspired before you create something, head to either the Plains Art Museum in Downtown Fargo or the Rourke Art Museum, just across the bridge in Moorhead.

Both have free entry and are full of interesting pieces.

Plains Art Museum | 704 1st Ave N, Fargo | (701) 551-6100
Rourke Art Museum | 521 Main Ave, Moorhead | (218) 236-8861

Drinks and eats

For a longer list of all-ages bars and restaurants, check out our guide to Fargo-Moorhead for College Students.

Boba Tea

Teaberry is the late-night hangout for those over 18 but under 21. It's one of the only downtown establishments that isn't a bar that's open past 10 p.m. Comfy couches, a relaxed setting, and delicious smoothies, and interesting Thai Boba teas make it a cheap and fun place to spend a few hours.

119 Broadway, Fargo | (701) 235-5036

Black Coffee and Waffles

Black Coffee and Waffle Bar is a fun late-night spot (open until 11 p.m.). If you didn't put it together yet, they serve black coffee. And waffles. 

550 2nd Ave N, Fargo | (701) 566-8749

Moorhead Dairy Queen & other ice cream treats

In the summer, Moorhead Dairy Queen opens and constantly seems to have a line around the block. It's worth the wait for a refreshing Blizzard or signature Dilly Bar.

You can also take a picture by the massive Dilly Bar statue, which is an ode to the original Dilly Bar made right here in Moorhead.

24 8th St S, Moorhead | (218) 233-3221

The hottest (but actually coolest) new spots in town for ice cream should also make your must-visit list. These include The Silver Lining Creamery for interesting and rotating ice cream flavors like basil or orange creamsicle, Tea & Crepe for Thai rolled ice cream (don't know what that is? Check out Instagram), and Scoop N Dough Candy Co for a combo of delicious ice cream and a scoop of cookie dough (they have extra-large portions, so come with your sweet tooth prepared). Another option is Kones Kreamery which is in South Fargo (as is the second location of Scoop N Dough)

Kones Kreamery | 1650 45th St S, #120, Fargo | (701) 532-1314
Tea & Crepe | 72 Broadway N, Fargo | (701) 540-6737
Silver Lining Creamery | 123 Broadway N, Fargo | (701) 532-0961
Scoop N Dough Candy Co | 206 Roberts Alley N, Fargo | (701) 639-0910
Scoop N Dough Candy Co | 4600 32nd Ave S, #128, Fargo | (701) 639-7152


All the gourmet coffee shops in downtown allow underage patrons, so pop into one of them for a great cup o' Joe, a coffee drink, or a baked good.

Twenty Below Coffee Co | 14 Roberts St N, Fargo | (701) 566-0977
Young Blood Coffee | 623 2nd Ave N, Fargo | (218) 770-4728
Atomic Coffee | 222 Broadway N #100, Fargo | (701) 478-6160
Babb's Coffee House | 605 Main Ave, Fargo | (701) 271-0222

Photo adventures

Fargo has a shocking amount of great places for photo ops. You could spend several days hunting them all down. Go on, do it for the 'gram.

Art alleys

First stop: Downtown Fargo. Nearly every side street you find will have street art practically begging you to take photos with it. Below are just some of the street murals to discover.

Corner of 7th Ave N on Roberts St, Fargo

503 7th St N, Fargo

Mario Wall
Alley behind the Toasted Frog

8th St between Main Ave & 1st Ave S, Fargo 

Prairie Rose
506 Roberts St N, Fargo

Art Alley 
1st Ave N between 4th St and 5th St, Fargo

Greetings from Roberts Alley 
Roberts Alley, Fargo

Fargo Postcard Mural
Roberts Alley, Fargo

Sunny Brook Whiskey/The Cowboy 
320 5th St N, Fargo

300 Broadway N, Fargo

Greetings from Fargo train car
701 Main Ave, Fargo

Wings by Silver Lining Creamery 
123 N Broadway Dr, Fargo

Wildflower Mural
19 8th St S, Fargo

20 6th St S, Moorhead


Never geocached? Don't even know what it is? Consider it a giant treasure hunt, and consider yourself Nicholas Cage. If you need a better introduction, try an Adventure Lab first.

You need nothing more than a GPS (aka your phone), a compass (aka your phone), and this app (soon to be on your phone) to geocache. The app will show you a map of where the geocaches are hidden, and it's your job to go out, find them, and record that you've found them.

Painted Bison

Across Fargo and its sister cities, Moorhead & West Fargo, there are 20+ painted, life-sized bison statues. One is disguised as a tiger, another has a mohawk, and a third is cleverly named after a Van Gogh painting. They're all different, and you can make a day of hunting down all of them (and getting picture proof).

Farmers' markets

In the summer, Fargo is hopping with farmers' markets. White tents, fresh produce, coffee, and a whole lotta community – not to mention great photo ops – await.


Let your right brain go wild with these creative endeavors.

Clay Your Way

A fun way to pass an afternoon (or a whole day), Clay Your Way lets you choose a ceramic item and paint it however you'd like. Mugs, plates, jars, coasters... you name it, and Clay Your Way will let you paint it.

Choose your item and your paint colors and get to work. Don't worry if you don't finish – they'll store the piece for you so you can come back to it another day!

4600 17th Ave S, Fargo | (701) 356-9229

The Art Bar

A second painting option, The Art Bar in West Fargo, hosts canvas painting events. Just check out their calendar for a painting that interests you (or attend any class and paint whatever you want!).

18 1st St, West Fargo | (701) 793-8835

Unglued classes

If you want to do more than paint, Unglued Market within Brewhalla hosts workshops where you can make planters, tote bags, string art, serving dishes, beeswax candles, and more.

Brewhalla | 1702 1st Ave N, Fargo | (701) 205-1597

See a show

For the most up-to-date events happening in Fargo, check out our Events Calendar.

Root for the home team

Fargo has a sports team for every season. In the summer, RedHawks baseball takes over the Newman Outdoor Field, and tickets cost $5 in advance.

Many people don't realize Fargo also has a semi-pro football team, the Fargo Invaders. Their season starts in April and runs through August.

Finally, when the ground freezes over, it's time for some Fargo Force hockey... they consistently have draft picks on the roster, so you could say they're worth watching for sure. Their season goes from October through April, so you'll be hard-pressed to find a month of the year without some local sports to watch.

Roller derby

When February rolls around, the F-M Derby Girls roll in. If you've never been to a roller derby but watched that one movie with Jennifer Lawrence (or even if you haven't), you should really experience it.

The Fargo Civic Center comes alive with die-hard fans here to support their favorite skaters. Don't know how it works? The pamphlets at the door explain the rules, and announcers and live music keep the crowd entertained.

Cheap flicks

Remember when a movie night didn't cost $20 a person? Those days still exist, and we call them Thursdays. And Tuesdays.

On Thursdays, the main theaters – Marcus Century and West Acres Cinema – offer $5 movie tickets, even for the newest movie releases. On Tuesdays, movies are also $5, but you'll need a student ID.

Fargo Theatre

The Fargo Theatre is more than a great photo backdrop – nightly movie showings (at $8 with a student ID) and interesting live events are always on here.


As the largest event space in Fargo, the FARGODOME tends to host the biggest events in the city. Bison football games in the fall, concerts as big as Ed Sheeran and Justin Timberlake, and a variety of other musical, trade shows, and sporting events are always happening here.

Bluestem Amphitheater

Throughout the summer and early fall, Bluestem opens its outdoor amphitheater up to crowds looking for concerts and local theater productions.

Trollwood Performing Arts School always puts on a great show at a reasonable price for general admission tickets.


Another all-ages event venue in Dilworth, MN, is the TAK Music Venue. They tend to bring in fun bands that everyone is down to dance to, so grab your friends and head to the TAK for a full dance floor and some fun tunes. 

Unleash your inner gamer

From board to arcade to video... these are the best spots to get your game on.

Big Top Bingo

You must be 18 to play bingo in North Dakota without an adult present, so once you hit that ripe old age, make your way to Big Top Bingo for a surprisingly competitive game of bingo against some of the much older-than-18 folks in town.

Bingo actually makes for a fun day or night out, and you can come away with some very cool prizes or cash ($1,000 cash prizes are typical here).

901 25th St S, Fargo | (701) 237-9692

Replay Games

Video gamers, this one is for you Replay Games has over 5,000 video games ready to play.

502 1st Ave N, Ste E, Fargo | (701) 478-4263

Have a board games night

If board games are more your style, Twenty Below Coffee Co. has several for you to choose from, as does Teaberry.

Grab a coffee or boba tea and get cozy at a table with your favorite board games.

Twenty Below Coffee Co. | 14 Roberts St, Fargo | (701) 566-0977
Teaberry | 119 Broadway, Fargo | (701) 235-5036


Hopefully, something on this list can get you started with your underage activities in Fargo. If we missed any of your favorite under-21 things to do, please let us know!

If you're on a budget, you can also check out our list of free things to do in Fargo.