Inside local businesses and on the streets of Fargo and its sister cities, West Fargo and Moorhead, live a herd of bison. Built to scale, these painted bison statues dot the city, drawing the attention of curious citizens and temporary tourists alike.

What are they doing here? How many of them are there? Where can I find the rest of the herd? This post will tell ya!

History of the Painted Bison Statues Herd

Herd About The Prairie: A Virtual Art Stampede” was launched by The Arts Partnership (formerly the Lake Agassiz Arts Council) in 2005 and concluded with a public unveiling in 2006 at the Fargo Marathon.

Since then, these public works of art have been dispersed throughout the community and enjoyed by thousands of people living in and visiting the area.

39 full-size bison statues and 1 calf were created in a minimum 90-day timeframe by different local artists selected by a jury.

Of these 100 lb. fiberglass statues, any that their sponsors didn't keep were sold via a public auction. All proceeds from the auction went back to The Arts Partnership to continue doing creative work within the Fargo-Moorhead community and supporting the artists and art organizations that make up their association.

Where can I find the painted bison statues?

Where can you find all of these painted bison statues, you ask? With some in other parts of North Dakota and Minnesota, most are within the Fargo metro area.

These bison are well-tempered and will allow selfies (don’t try this in the wild, people!).

If you're on a mission to see as many as possible, the map below of their locations might be helpful.


These buffalo stay outdoors, so you can view them anytime.


Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center | 2001 44th St S, Fargo

Spirits of the Prairie

Rocking Horse Housing Development | 4844 Rocking Horse Cir S, Fargo

Fire & Wind

NDSU | 1854 Research Circle N, Fargo


Rourke Art Museum | 521 Main Ave, Moorhead

Heartbeat of the Red River Valley

Wimmer's Diamonds | 602 Main Ave, Fargo


Microsoft Fargo Campus | 3900 Great Plains Dr. S, Fargo

Ms. B... Flying Diva

YWCA | 3000 S University Dr, Fargo


Atomic Coffee | 222 Broadway, Fargo


NDSU Renaissance Hall | 650 NP Ave, Fargo


Red River Zoo | 4220 21 Ave S, Fargo

Plains, Pioneers, Progress

Southside Center | 1621 S University Dr, Fargo



* Since these statues are inside private businesses with limited hours, we recommend calling ahead before finding them. Please note that these bison are not available for viewing outside individual business hours.

Foot in the Past, An Eye to the Future

NDSU Memorial Union | 1401 Administration Ave, Fargo

Dakota Dream

University of Mary | 1351 Page Dr. S, Suite 103, Fargo

Buffalo Path, The Gathering

West Acres Shopping Center | 3902 13 Ave S, Fargo


Fargo City Hall | 225 4th St N, Fargo


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