Once the weather hits 50°F in Fargo, locals can be found outside wearing shorts and doing anything possible to soak up the warmth. That includes hitting the extensive networks of bike trails in the area.

If you'd rather hold off for slightly warmer or colder (!) weather, that's understandable – the 200+ miles of bike trails will be waiting as a great outdoor activity in Fargo and its sister cities, Moorhead and West Fargo.

Pro tip: While you're here, to fit in and sound truly Midwestern by using "ride bike" as a verb.

So, instead of saying "I'm going to ride my bike" or "Let's ride our bikes tonight", try saying "I'm going to ride bike" or "Let's ride bike tonight." Youbetcha, that's how we say it.

Now grab your helmet, lets hit the road.

What's your biking style?

Road biking

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Fargo's largest variety of trails can be found on the flat roads of the city and its surroundings. With very few hills in sight, you're in for a long, smooth, and incredibly fast cycle!

One of the most thorough resources for road routes is the Bike FM Bikeways Map App. It shows the extensive network of on-road and off-road paths available, plus it lists some great points of interest along the way.

Looking for longer, more specific routes?

Great Northern Bicycle Co. – one of Fargo's premier bike shops – gives detailed instructions on several excellent road biking routes around Fargo... some even include hills! Ranging from a 16-mile all the way up to a 100-mile route, serious cyclists will want to take a peek at these road rides.

Meanwhile, individual cyclists have been creating various road routes within and around Fargo for years and putting them online. Below are a few resources:

West Fargo road biking routes

Fargo road biking routes

If you're looking to rent or buy a bike while you're here, skip ahead to the 'Rent or buy a bike' section.

Mountain biking

What Fargo lacks in actual mountains, it's working to make up for in mountain bike trails.

An entire organization, the Fargo-Moorhead Trailbuilders is dedicated to improving mountain bike trails in the Fargo area, so there are more in the works! Check out Trailforks for updated trail information and maps.

One of the top trails resides in MB Johnson Park. This 4-mile mountain biking path on the Moorhead side of the Red River is single-track and rated at an intermediate difficulty.

Another great 3-mile mountain bike ride with a few more challenging obstacles can be found at Gooseberry Mound Park. Also single-track and at an intermediate difficulty, it includes a few logs and jumps plus a skinny ramp and log drop.

Casual sightseeing

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Winding along the Red River that separates Fargo and Moorhead are the city's biggest network of parks connected by pathways, which make for beautiful bike rides.

Meanwhile, you can ride a bike pretty much anywhere in Fargo-Moorhead, if you want to take one out for a day of sightseeing.

See the next 'Rent or buy a bike' section on how to get your hands on two wheels for a spin around the city.

Fat-tire biking

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Both the Gooseberry Mound and the Iwen Park trails are open to winter fat biking in Fargo. If you can handle the freezing temps, the trails await!

Group bike rides

Two of the major bike companies in Fargo – Paramount Sports and Great Northern Bicycle Co. – hold regular cycling events throughout the summer. Join them for a ride and to meet some locals.

Great Northern hosts group rides on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, with specific 'Women on Wheels' rides every Thursday night, plus fitness rides, off-road rides, WOWdirt, and more relaxed Tuesday and Wednesday night rides.

Where to rent or buy a bike

Bike rentals

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If you're looking to rent a bike for longer than a few hours, consider renting from Lindenwood Park rentals which have hour by hour options. You will need to stay and bike around in Lindenwood Park if you rent from here.

Great Northern Biking Co.

Whether you've brought a bike with you that needs repairs or parts, or you're looking to buy your gear in Fargo, Great Northern can set you up with road or off-road bike options.

Paramount Sports

Paramount is the other major player in the Fargo-Moorhead bike scene, adding a level of specialty for fat-tire bikes and winter gear. If you want to ride in the colder months, this is the place to find what you're looking for.



With road and trail riding options available for distance athletes, commuting riders, or casual peddlers, you can see why Fargo is a great place to 'ride bike'.