Crafts and Drafts Pass

Sure, Fargo-moorhead may be flat, but the beer is anything but. From lagers and stouts to IPAs and sours, the pints crafted here in the Red River Valley are as good as it gets. Grab a pass and see for yourself!

Crafts and Drafts Pass Rules:

Collect 6 out of the 12 available stamps and receive a t-shirt
Collect all 12 stamps and receive a t-shirt PLUS a bonus gift
Passport MUST be turned in at the Visitor Center, located at 2001 44th St S. Fargo to collect prize
Drink responsibly! Fargo-Moorhead has no shortage of taxis, Ubers, Lyfts, and public transportation.
Lastly, have fun and enjoy the tasty grains of the great plains!

Passes can be picked up at all of the participating locations, Gallery 4Ltd and Visitor Information Center, and the Visitors Center.

Participating Locations: 

Fargo-Moorhead Breweries

Fargo Brewing Company (and/or Fargo Brewing Ale House)
Drekker Brewing Brewhalla 
Flatland Brewery
Prairie Brothers Brewing Company
Junkyard Brewing Company
Pixeled Brewing Company
Drumconrath Brewing Company

Crafty Bonus Stops:

Wild Terra Cider and Brewing
Prairie Rose Meadery
Proof Artisan Distillers
Front Street Taproom

Take a look around! We think you’ll like what you see. 

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