What’s New in Fargo-Moorhead

10 Healthy Places to Eat in Fargo

You can find salads (not Midwestern cookie salads but actual leafy greens) at almost any restaurant you visit, but sometimes it's nice to know where you can head for a wider variety of healthy options. Below are 10 options in Fargo and its sister cities, Moorhead and West Fargo: 1. BernBaum's Right…

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Igloo Dining in Fargo-Moorhead

Calling everyone looking for amazing, unique dining experiences. Whether it's a special occasion or just something new to do, why not dine in an igloo? Check out these restaurants that have gone the extra mile to serve you no matter the weather. Crave Crave offers four heated igloos able…

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A love letter to the Moorhead Dairy Queen

Come rain, snow, sleet, or (unlikely-best-case scenario) sunshine, you will see Fargo-Moorhead’s inhabitants standing in line outside of the regionally renowned Moorhead Dairy Queen on March 1 st each year. Why this particular Dairy Queen, when Dairy Queens are stamped along every major street…

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