What’s New in Fargo-Moorhead

Photo Round-Up: snow-loving Fargo dogs

Our dogs know how to make the best out of most situations, and winter weather is no exception! The 10 Best Things About Winter in Fargo, According to Dogs: 1). Snow piled up on snoots 2). Catching a big wet snowball in mid-air 3). Snowshoeing with humans 4). Skijoring! 5)…

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Winter photos of Fargo that will make you want to visit

If you've ever asked yourself, "How cold is Fargo, North Dakota?", we're here to tell you that during the winter months it can get pretty chilly. But with the cold comes beautiful sun dogs, snowy treetops, and new activities for the season. There are many reasons to visit Fargo all year round, but…

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