If you've ever asked yourself, "How cold is Fargo, North Dakota?", we're here to tell you that during the winter months it can get pretty chilly. But with the cold comes beautiful sun dogs, snowy treetops, and new activities for the season. There are many reasons to visit Fargo all year round, but when it comes to winter, you won't find a better place to get out and embrace the cold of winter.

Although the frigid temperatures in Fargo may be intimidating, if you bundle up, you can see some beautiful things. We might even convince you to fall in love with the Red River Valley as we have.

There are so many reasons to love winter, but the one that tops the list every time for us is the fact that it's just so dang pretty. Here's some proof:





If it's your first time to Fargo and you're a winter lover, we commend you for being able to look past the low temps. We promise we don't shut down in the winter. There will still be a lot of things to do to give you a taste of what Fargo has to offer.