Our dogs know how to make the best out of most situations, and winter weather is no exception!


The 10 Best Things About Winter in Fargo, According to Dogs:

  • 1). Snow piled up on snoots
  • 2). Catching a big wet snowball in mid-air
  • 3). Snowshoeing with humans
  • 4). Skijoring!
  • 5). Catching a whiff of something yummy (or yucky) in the cold air
  • 6). Digging in the yard for grass
  • 7). Wearing a cozy coat, scarf, or boots
  • 8). Free water, everywhere!
  • 9). Playing tag with dog friends at one of many dog parks.
  • 10). Warming up with my human at one of Fargo Moorhead's many Dog-Friendly businesses.

Enjoy this gallery of some snow-loving Fargo dogs (and one cat):


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