A great photo is the perfect way to remember your time in a new city. These are the top spots we see people taking great Instagram shots during their trips to Fargo and its sister cities Moorhead and West Fargo.

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Go on, do it for the 'gram.


1. The Original FARGO  Woodchipper

For fans of the movie Fargo, this is a must. Stop by the Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center to see the original Woodchipper movie prop from the movie Fargo. The staff will give you a Fargo-esque trapper hat to wear as you pretend to shove the fake leg into the woodchipper. Even for people who have never seen the film, it still makes for a pretty quirky social media post.

2001 44th St S, Fargo | (701) 282-3653

2. Fargo Theatre

The Fargo Theatre is the most photographed place in Fargo. The beautiful historic building is so photogenic it's hard to resist taking a photo if you walk past it. Built in the 1920s, the marquee makes for a great shot day or night.

314 Broadway N, Fargo | (701) 239-8385

3. Fargo Mario Wall

This recent addition to Fargo’s street art is completely unique to the city.

Two local artists – Dark Elvis and Icky Hiccup – channeled their inner Mario and Luigi to create this interactive (and hugely popular) #FargoMarioWall just behind The Toasted Frog Head over to get your own jumping picture in front of this cool spot.

Alley behind The Toasted Frog, Fargo

4. Silver Lining Wings

One of the most photographed murals of the last year, the wings outside of Silver Lining Creamery create a fun, interactive shot for people (and dogs) of all sizes. Make sure to stop inside for some gourmet, small-batch ice cream before or after your photo op.

123 Broadway N, Fargo

5. "Greetings from Fargo" Train Mural

This masterpiece by Steve Knutson adorns a train car as a nod to the city's history with the Northern Pacific railroad. Visitors and locals alike head to the Greetings from Fargo train car to commemorate their time in our fine city.

Corner of Main and Broadway, Fargo

6. Food pics at BernBaum's or Young Blood Coffee

If you like to remember what you ate in a city with a great photo, head to BernBaum's for colorful (and tasty) bagel plates in a brightly lit, modern interior. Or, stop by Young Blood Coffee Co. for a hot matcha latte (it's bright green, so it makes for a super cool shot) or a piece of gourmet toast.

Young Blood Coffee | 623 2nd Ave N, Fargo | (218) 770-4728

BernBaum's | 402 Broadway N, Fargo | (701) 306-4131

7. Red River

The Red River calmly flows northward through the Fargo-Moorhead area, splitting North Dakota from Minnesota. You can grab a kayak or canoe for $10 an hour and hit the water to paddle in two states at once, or walk along the many trails lining the river for some gorgeous shots (see number nine for how to get a photo in two states at once without needing to get on the water!)

8. Painted Bison

The Fargo area doesn’t have any herds of live buffalo roaming around (head to Jamestown’s National Buffalo Museum to see that), but we have something almost as cool – a herd of painted bison scattered throughout the metro.

These creatures are every bit as majestic and awe-inspiring as the real deal. Painted by local artists, each bison has a unique look. Finding these bison around town makes for a pretty fun scavenger hunt!

9. Lindenwood Walking Bridge

This walking bridge spans across the Red River of the North, with splits the states of North Dakota and Minnesota. Find the center of it, and you can get a picture with one foot in each state.

1905 Roger Maris Dr, Fargo | (701) 499-6060

10. Crazy Tree

Named for its wild branches and interesting shape, the “Crazy Tree” in Moorhead is definitely a bit eccentric, and that’s probably why people are so fond of it. The tree is located on the Concordia College campus.

Mention the legendary tree to a Fargo-Moorhead resident or anyone who went to Concordia and they’ll likely take a trip down memory lane telling you about the family photos they took by (or in) the tree, how they proposed to their significant other beside its branches, and more!

The corner of 11th St & 12th Ave S, Moorhead

11. Red River Zoo's colored pencil fence

This colorful piece of functional art at the Red River Zoo has a way of brightening your mood. The fence, consisting of over 1,000 large colored pencils, is in the Nature Playground area of the zoo. If you visit the zoo, grab your next Instagram against this backdrop.

While we think the fence itself is almost worth a trip to the zoo, it’s also fun to meet all the cold-weather, adorable animals while you’re there!

4255 23rd Ave S, Fargo | (701) 277-9240

12. Moorhead Dairy Queen

The Moorhead Dairy Queen is different than other DQs in the franchise. They pioneered the Dilly Bar and have the ability to serve many traditional DQ treats that other branches aren't allowed to make. To commemorate the Dilly Bar invention, you can take your photo in front of the 16-foot-tall Dilly Bar statue out front!

24 8th St S, Moorhead | (218) 233-3221

13. Stave Church

This stave church was built to exactly mirror the Hopperstad Stave Church that stands in Norway outside of the town of Vik. If you'd like a guided tour of the inside of the church (the views are great!) they're scheduled each hour... just ask inside for the next one.

Viking Ship Park, Moorhead | (218) 299-5515

BONUS: Sunsets

If you follow anyone that lives in or visits the Fargo-Moorhead area, chances are you'll see a sunset or sunrise post or two. That's because our skies can be pretty spectacular and the flatness of our landscape and our lack of massive skyscrapers allows for prime viewing of sunsets and sunrises. We call it the #FargoSkyline!