Leonard Lee is my Border Collie with whom I have traveled to 45 states. Our first trip to Fargo was in March 2020! Honestly, I didn't know what to expect as ignorant questions ran through my mind: Why did we book this? Is there anything to do here? Should we just check the state box and leave?

Then we pulled up to the Visitors Center and all of that was about to radically change.  Warm smiles greeted us as Leonard walked in their door! Well about an hour and 25 Fargo photos later, we were ready to take on the town! This visitor center is a MUST for all visiting Fargo! 

Can establishments be as dog friendly as they boast? Youbetcha!

Our first stop, Unglued. What an adorable shop of local artisan gifts and crafts. I assumed with so many delicate items, that dog friendly must be incorrect. Quite the opposite! The girls at the register gushed over Leonard, told stories of her own pups, and even other customers joined in the banter. I learned about the artists and the history of the town! Did you know that 701 is the area code for the whole state? Well, now we have a magnet that reminds us of that daily! 

Next stop, the iconic Fargo Theatre

I told Leonard to stay, waiting for traffic to pass so that I could snap a photo from across the street, yes photo obsessed dog mom here! As I waited for cars to pass, traffic literally halted! It took me a second to realize that these cars were stopping to allow us to take the perfect photo! The elsewhere standard of beeping and yelling was replaced with smiles and giggles. Can everyone really be this nice? 

Onward to Fargo Brewing Company for happy hour, where YES Leonard was indeed welcome, INSIDE! People immediately came over to chat and give Leonard belly rubs!

The best part of the evening though was meeting a couple in their 70s who came in all bundled up, sat down at our table, and ordered two large cold ones! Immediately they struck up a conversation like we were at a family dinner. They spoke of how they came to be in Fargo, what they loved most about it, and even gave us a history lesson on the Viking heritage there! Needless to say, the locals were so friendly that it felt as if I must have known them for years.


Our intention was one night in Fargo but upon arriving at our hotel, one night was not enough. Lessons to be learned on a road trip, be flexible! We changed our plans to stay in Fargo longer.

Street art is a passion of ours and Fargo didn't disappoint! So much detail and creativity in some of these pieces!

We walked for miles admiring astounding murals and even finding some secret ones in between buildings.


Having visited 45 states, Fargo has made our top 5 destinations list! Every town has its own charm, but Fargo surpasses the majority! There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't met yet! So if that's what you call North of Normal, head north! 

Two words to summarize Fargo, ND: