F-M Visitors Center

The Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Centers exist to tell the world about all the fun things to do in Fargo and West Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota. Three cities, two states, oodles of goodness. All located north of normal.

The original Visitors Center is anything but typical: It’s housed in a grain elevator located at Exit 348 just off Interstate 94. The building pays homage to the region’s agricultural roots, and once inside, you’ll find Fargo tourism information, maps, brochures, a gift shop, and live people! And that’s just the start.

Check out the Celebrity Walk of Fame and compare handprints with a quirky collection of celebrities, including Jesse Ventura, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Neil Diamond, Metallica, and more.

Get your picture taken with the most notorious prop in cinematic history and one of Fargo’s main attractions: The Woodchipper from the classic Coen brothers movie that bears the name “Fargo”!

If you can’t make it out to the Fargo Visitors Center along the interstate, you can now find a second Fargo-Moorhead tourist information center in the heart of Downtown Fargo! Located inside Gallery 4, a locally-owned art gallery, you can get all the info you need to have a great trip and check out some amazing local art. All the travel ambassadors in the downtown location are also local artists, so you can get details on what to do in Fargo plus interesting info on the local art scene.


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The Original Fargo Woodchipper


Stop inside the Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center off of Exit 348 and get your picture taken with the original Fargo Woodchipper from the famous Coen brothers cult classic film.

You can also see an original movie script and other Fargo film memorabilia, plus purchase movie-themed souvenirs from the gift shop.

NOTE: The original Fargo Woodchipper is inside the Visitors Center, while an exact replica is outside for additional photo opportunities.


Celebrity Walk of Fame


A variety of signed cement handprints line the walkway of the Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center parking lot. Take a stroll and compare handprints with a variety of celebrities who have visited Fargo.



Both Visitors Centers are always staffed when they’re open, so you can ask one of the trained travel ambassadors for tips on what to do and see while you’re in town.


One of the Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Centers is located in a grain elevator... the other is in a locally-owned art gallery

The original Woodchipper from the movie “Fargo” plus tons of film memorabilia are on display at the Fargo Visitors Center off of Interstate 94’s Exit 348