Fargo's tagline is "North of Normal." The phrase is about an attitude and a way of doing things that's different and unexpected, so we thought it would be fun to highlight a few places in the area that you might not find in any other destination – North of Normal places, if you will.

1. Camp Lone Tree

Enjoy a cooler of pounders on ice or play a round of bags on this rooftop patio in Downtown Fargo. Camp Lone Tree has a fun, cabin-like atmosphere with Midwest drinks and eats to match.

The bar doesn't close down in the winter either; igloos go up once it's too cold to sit outside for a different kind of dining experience.

701 University Dr. N, Fargo | (701) 532-0734

2. Valley Alley

Local artist Lesley Buegel created a wildlife mural with animals throughout. See if you can spot them all.

For a list of all of Fargo's sweet murals, check out this post.

Alley behind Black Cofee & Waffle, 550 2nd Ave N

3. Brewhalla

The Viking-themed brewery, Drekker Brewing Company, expanded into a new location just outside of Downtown Fargo in 2018. This place is awesome and has been dubbed as one of the coolest buildings in Fargo after it took over an untouched, vacant Northern Pacific Railroad shop. With their new market featuring restaurants, shopping, and of course, beer, you can spend the whole day here.

1666 1st Ave N, Fargo | (701) 532-0506

4. A herd of painted Bison

The Fargo area doesn't have any herds of live buffalo roaming around (head to Jamestown's National Buffalo Museum to see that), but we have something almost as cool – a herd of painted bison scattered throughout the metro.

These creatures are every bit as majestic and awe-inspiring as the real deal. Painted by local artists, each bison has a unique look. Finding these bison around town makes for a pretty fun scavenger hunt! If you want to try it out, check this map.

5. Fargo Woodchipper

Although the cult classic movie with Fargo's namesake was not actually filmed in Fargo, the Visitors Center has one of the most iconic props as a photo-op. Stop by to take a free picture with The Fargo Woodchipper.

2001 44th St S, Fargo | (701) 282-3653

6. Crazy Tree

Named for its wild branches and interesting shape, the "Crazy Tree" in Moorhead is definitely a bit eccentric, and that's probably why people are so fond of it. The tree is located on the Concordia College campus.

Mention the legendary tree to a Fargo-Moorhead resident or anyone who went to Concordia, and they'll likely take a trip down memory lane telling you about the family photos they took by (or in) the tree, how they proposed to their significant other besides its branches, and more!

The corner of 11th St & 12th Ave S, Moorhead

7. Chalk-fests

Not only does the Arts Partnership host their yearly Chalk Festival at the Red River Zoo, but the Fargo Park District also hosts events throughout the summer at Broadway Square with different themes and artists there to assist with advice and guidance.

Red River Zoo | 4255 23rd Ave S, Fargo | (701) 277-9240
Broadway Square | 201 Broadway N, Fargo | (701) 551-5898

8. Pie Day at Son's of Norway

Pie Day at our local Son's of Norway is a truly authentic experience. It's a bit like going to grandma's house. All of the pie is homemade, and don't be surprised if you hear, "oh honey" here, take this piece... it's the biggest."

Every Thursday is Pie Day, and pie is served during lunch (11 am-1:30 pm). Try to get there early because the pie goes fast!

722 2nd Ave N, Fargo | (701) 232-9222

9. Rattlesnake rabbit bratwurst

Rattlesnake and rabbit bratwurst may not sound like the most delicious thing you'll eat this week, but it's one of those things you must try when dining at Wurst Bier Hall.

Go ahead and order it, and add some Bavarian pretzels or sauerkraut on the side... and you might as well get some sweet potato fries with marshmallow fluff, too.

Downtown Fargo | 630 1st Ave N, Fargo | (701) 478-2437
West Fargo | 3179 Bluestem Dr, West Fargo | (701) 532-0484

10. Canoe Parade

Each fall, the Fargo-Moorhead community dresses up their canoes and kayaks and takes to the river for a parade. There are tons of great places to watch the parade, or you can enter your vessel if you'd like to be part of the fun.

Viking Ship Park | 202 1st Ave N, Moorhead

11. Colored pencil fence

This colorful piece of functional art at the Red River Zoo has a way of brightening your mood. The fence, consisting of over 1,000 large colored pencils, is in the Nature Playground area of the zoo. If you visit the zoo, grab your next Instagram against this backdrop.

While we think the fence itself is almost worth a trip to the zoo, it's also fun to meet all the cold-weather, adorable animals while you're there!

4255 23rd Ave S, Fargo | (701) 277-9240

12. Comedy in the Cellar

In the basement of Front Street Taproom, you'll find The Cellar, which brings in professional and amateur comedians as well as hosts many open-mic nights for everyone else that has a funny bone.

614 Main Ave, Fargo | (701) 566-7226

13. Night Bazaar

Folkways put on quite the party once a month on Thursdays in Broadway Square. The Night Bazaar is a themed party of local shopping, food, and entertainment.

Broadway Square | 201 Broadway N, Fargo

14. 16-foot Dilly Bar statue

The Moorhead Dairy Queen is different. They pioneered the Dilly Bar, which is reason enough for them to be an object of affection in the hearts of many. AND you can take your photo in front of the 16-foot-tall Dilly Bar statue out front!

24 8th St S, Moorhead | (218) 233-3221

15. Take a winery tour

Surprisingly enough, you can find 6 wineries within an hour and a half drive from Fargo. Within city limits, you'll find Bear Creek Winery, head a bit more South, and you'll run into Dakota Vines Winery. Then, to the West, there is 4e Winery, Maple River Winery, and Red Trail Vineyard, with Rookery Rock nearby as well.

Each of these local owners would be happy to show you around and provide a selection of delicious wines to try and buy. Plus, you can grab a Red River Wine Trek passport - if you visit them all, you can get a free t-shirt!

16. Get in on the skateboarding scene

A little-known secret about the Fargo community is that there is a huge skateboarding community. Head to one of the skateparks or shop at THIS Skate Shop, and you'll see why it's a great place to pick up this hobby.

THIS Skate Shop | 625 1st Ave N, Fargo | (701) 365-8017

17. Christkindlmarkt

This event (happening at the beginning of the holiday season) is a German-themed Christmas market. Four days of festive cheer include mulled wine, live music, art demonstrations, holiday treats, a Gift Market, and a Beer Hall.

18. Attend an outdoor concert

There are many beautiful spots in Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo for an outdoor concert in the summer. Some of our favorites include Essentia Health Plaza at The Lights, Bluestem Amphitheatre, and Fargo Brewing Company.

Check out our guide to attending a concert in Fargo-Moorhead for more recommendations.

To see all things to do (including many more North of Normal stuff), look at the full list of things to do & our events calendar.