11 of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Fargo-Moorhead

It’s not uncommon for people to do things or go places for the sole purpose of sharing a photo or two on social media. Or, at least if we go somewhere or do something noteworthy, we feel the need to document it by posting the perfect photo on Instagram. So, when in Fargo-Moorhead, here are some things (in no particular order) that will make for the best Instagram content.   

The Red River calmly flows northward through the Fargo-Moorhead area. There are several areas along the river that are quite picturesque. A few include Lindenwood Park, Main Avenue Bridge, Gooseberry Park and Riverfront Park.  

Bike ride along the Red River at dusk – beautiful way to cap Memorial Day weekend. #ilovefargo #northofnormal

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For fans of the movie Fargo, this is a bucket list photo op. Even for people who have never seen the movie, it still makes for a pretty quirky social media post. No doubt some of your family and friends will be amused if you post a photo of The Woodchipper while in Fargo. 

I’m almost certain Instagram was invented because of coffee shops like Twenty Below. Whether you post a photo of latte art, their delicious waffles, or just the general vibe, your followers will probably be a little envious. Instagram user @gabbykeahna posted…”Probably didn’t go to 20below if you didn’t take a picture of it.” And that’s the truth.        

I should be saving my money but coffee says otherwise.

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There’s something incredibly charming about the Fargo clock outside the old depot on Main Avenue in downtown Fargo. The clock is beautiful in the summer with flower baskets hanging in the vicinity. It’s also quite lovely in the winter, especially with a little hoarfrost.  

Life in Fargo! #fargo #depot #beautifulday #flowers #clock #northofnormal

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Many people may not even know about this waterfall in West Fargo. Although it’s man-made, the waterfall is still picturesque. Bonus points if you capture the waterfall with the sun setting in the background.  

The peaceful waterfall area at Rendezvous Park in West Fargo!

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There are several painted bison around the Fargo-Moorhead area and all of them are beautiful in their own way. The one pictured below can be seen at the Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center and another very popular painted bison lives in front of Atomic Coffee on Broadway in downtown Fargo. While it may seem like a good idea to get a photo of yourself or someone else ‘riding’ the bison, please be respectful of the public art.    

One of our painted bison, Aunie, enjoying the snow today in #Fargo! #ilovefargo #northofnormal

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This tree on the Concordia College campus in Moorhead is a bit of a spectacle…in a very good way. It photographs so well no matter the season. This tree doesn’t need its leaves to be stunning – the branches alone are a work of art. This is another place that looks extra appealing with a sunset in the background.    

My favorite view. #cordmn

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If you’re one of those people that likes to photograph food (no judgement), you must go to Nichole’s. If you’re one of those people that sometimes scoffs at the people who share photos of food, even you might feel compelled to take a picture of the delicious desserts at Nichole’s. Hint: they have some wonderful wallpaper and tablecloths that make for a pretty nice background (see photo below).  

This is what #dessert heaven looks like, in case you were wondering…#napoleon #ilovefargo #FMGram

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This historic building is no longer used as a depot (it’s a bike shop), but it still looks the part with the clock and the sign with the city’s name. The architect that designed the Great Northern Depot in Fargo also designed quite a few other depots for the Great Northern Railway in the early 1900s. There’s just something quaint and inviting about this place.       

#snow #winter #Fargo #ND #NorthDakota

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The patio area at Red Raven Espresso Parlor is delightful. Any place with string lights usually makes for a pretty nice photo. Combine that with the plants, brick, art, etc. and it makes for a near-perfect Instagram post.    

work wasn't so bad today

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You knew this was going to make the list. The Fargo Theatre is probably one of the most-photographed places in all of the Red River Valley. The beautiful historic building is so photogenic it’s hard to resist taking a photo if you walk past it. Posting a photo of the Fargo Theatre is  a really great way to do a greetings-from-Fargo post. It’s iconic Fargo.

#fargo #northdakota #travel #tourist #usa #america

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These aren’t specific places, but we thought these deserved a mention on this list as well.  

If you follow anyone that lives in or visits the Fargo-Moorhead area, chances are you’ll see a sunset or sunrise post or two. That’s because our skies can be pretty spectacular and the flatness of our landscape allows for prime viewing of sunsets and sunrises.  

#Fargo #Downtown #traintracks #sunset #northdakota

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Yes, we sometimes experience very cold weather in Fargo. And when the temperature dips well below zero, you can bet you’ll see a bunch of posts about it. Maybe sharing this with others is our way of coping or maybe we’re just proud  that we’re able to function fairly normally in weather many people wouldn’t last two minutes in. 

You know the scene that comes to mind when someone mentions the movie Fargo? No, not the wood chipper scene, the other one. With all of the snow. Every so often, that actually happens in Fargo, ND. And as much as people claim to dislike it, when it does happen, you’ll see plenty of folks out and about trying to capture the scene and share it. And we admit, there have been some pretty awesome photos taken in blizzard conditions. 


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