A kid’s guide on where to eat in Fargo: Bo

Fargoans love food, and locals always have a favorite spot to recommend… even kiddos! We talked with Bo, a local seven-year-old who’s spent her whole life in Fargo and has several restaurants she loves that other kids will love, too.

Read on to find Bo’s favorite kid-friendly restaurants, why she loves them, and what she’d recommend from each.

1. Nichole’s Fine Pastry

This European-style bakery and pastry shop is a kid-favorite for their delicious sweet treats (and they also serve great lunches!).

Why Bo says she likes it:

Because they have good desserts.

Her recommendation:

Oreo Moose Dome

2. Silver Lining Creamery

Fargo has four gourmet ice cream shops, but Silver Linings rotating flavors and cute angel wing mural give this spot the edge.

Why Bo says she likes it:

Because they sell ICE CREAM!

Her recommendation:

Ice cream… 🙂

3. Atomic Coffee

You wouldn’t think coffee with kids, but Atomic has a family-friendly atmosphere with great non-caffeinated drinks and tasty food.

Why Bo says she likes it:

Because they have good food. Every coffee shop is supposed to have good food… right?

Her recommendation:

Good food.

4. Nine Dragons

You can’t go wrong with classic Chinese food. If for some reason someone in the family just isn’t in the mood for Chinese, Nine Dragons is connected to Slap Shot Pizza.

Why Bo says she likes it:

Good food, and they deliver!

Her recommendations:

Cream cheese wontons and sweet and sour chicken.

5. The Boiler Room

Hidden in the basement of the beautiful, historic Loretta building, The Boiler Room has a cool vibe and serves up fantastic food.

Why Bo says she likes it:

It looks really cool inside.

Her recommendations:

The fish tacos.

Stay tuned for more food recommendations from locals! In the meantime, check out the local dining guide and explore your other food and drink options.