Fargoans love food, and locals always have a favorite spot to recommend. This time we're getting the opinion of someone whose age group is 20% of our population, teenagers. An upcoming senior at Moorhead High, Ray, let us in on some of his favorite places.

Read on to find Ray's favorite restaurants, why he loves them, and what he'd recommend from each.

1. Pounds

I'm a big fan of sandwiches. Wherever I go with my family and friends, that's usually my go-to. Everything at Pounds is delicious, and there's something for everyone whatever their mood.

My recommendation:

Order the TBA sandwich with sweet potato fries and their 'hunny' mustard.

2. Sickies Garage

Sickies Garage is a North Dakota grown restaurant with a huge 50+ burger and sandwich menu. They have consistently been voted 'Best Burgers in Fargo' and you can get any beef patty changed to chicken, or veggie, with gluten-free buns also available. I love going here for big game days.

My recommendation:

Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich and an oreo shake.

3. Rhombus Guys

Who doesn't love pizza? The rooftop at Rhombus Guys is fun with friends, especially on Monday nights when large pizzas are half off. They always have something going on, and some of their best pizzas you can buy frozen to take home.

My recommendation:

Get the Chicken Alfredo pizza, and order enough to have leftovers.

4. Beer & Fish Co.

Beer & Fish is a restaurant in the middle of Roberts Alley. It's great in the summer when they open the garage doors and it's open air. I have multiple favorites here due to everything being so fresh.

My recommendation:

Fire shrimp linguini, and don't forget about the fresh bread.