Fargo used to have a Restaurant Week but realized that seven days just wasn't enough to appreciate all the amazing local restaurants (220+ of them!) that we have in Fargo and its sister cities Moorhead and West Fargo. Instead, we're spending the whole summer celebrating Fargo's food scene.

Fargoans love food, and locals always have a favorite spot to recommend. Erica Rapp, the managing editor of one of Fargo's most prominent guides to the city, Fargo Underground, let us in on some of her favorite places.

Read on to find Erica's favorite restaurants, why she loves them, and what she'd recommend from each.



1. Wasabi/Poke Bowl

I have yet to find sushi in town that I love as much as Wasabi. TJ, the head chef and sushi master, does a wonderful job making you feel welcome to the restaurant and he's always got great daily specials up his sleeve.

If you're looking for sushi on-the-go, to put it simply, Poke Bowl is a great option for a quicker and healthier lunch!

My recommendation:

From Wasabi order the 911 Roll, from Poke Bowl get the spicy salmon bowl.

2. BernBaum's

BernBaum's has moved into a new location that is bigger and just as beautiful. You'll feel right at home at Bernbaum's from the vibe alone but the food and the staff are incredibly heartwarming. There's something about BernBaum's that give you that warm, fuzzy, cozy feeling inside in multiple ways.

My recommendation:

Iceland Bagel Plate

3. India Palace

The staff at India Palace will make you feel welcome the second you walk in the door. My dish of choice is the Paneer Tikka Masala. I've had this particular dish at quite a few other establishments and no one does it quite as good as India Palace.

My recommendation:

Paneer Tikka Masala

4. Rustica

I don't think there is a better happy hour special in town other than at Rustica. $6 artisan pizzas and $3 select taps give you one of the best meals you'll have in town for just about under $10. Great atmosphere, calm, friendly staff and much more will have you staying for quite awhile.

My recommendation:

The Decoy pizza

5. Taco Bros.

The best thing to do at Taco Bros is have Octavio (the owner) dish together the best of what he's got that day, which is why it's best to order the Trust You Bro.

Taco Bros is something you'll crave all winter long while the food truck is closed, so eat as much of it as you can during the summer. Eating fresh Mexican food outside during the summer months is something you can't beat, and make sure to order a side of Mexicorn with your dishes.

My recommendation:

Trust You Bro

6. Nichole's Fine Pastry

Many people don't know that aside from serving top-notch European-style pastries every day, Nichole's has a fantastic lunch menu. I love grabbing a quick sandwich and pasta salad for lunch, and I can never resist dessert. Their macaroons also make great, sweet gifts.

My recommendation:

Turkey, Apple and Brie Sandwich for lunch, Chocolate Feuilletine Tower for dessert



Stay tuned for more food recommendations from locals! In the meantime, check out the local dining guide and explore your other food and drink options.