Tailgating at a Bison game is one of the top bucket-list things to do when visiting Fargo in the fall, and for good reason. But, if you've never been before, you might have a lot of questions before showing up to the FARGODOME.

Influencer That Traveling Chick attended a game this season and said, "Tailgating at an NDSU football game in Fargo is not just an event; it's a cherished tradition and an integral part of the game day experience. It's a display of unwavering support for the team, and the sense of unity among fans is palpable. Whether you're an NDSU alum, a local resident, or just a visitor passing through, fans will welcome you with open arms and invite you to share in the Bison spirit."

With that being said, let's go and Roll Herd!

Here are some guidelines to follow before you head to a tailgate:

What to expect

The tailgating parking lots fill up with buses, tents, sheds, and more with fans who are truly passionate about Bison football. There are ways to set up your own space to tailgate, but if you'd rather wander through without a home base, that's fine too!

If you're not planning to set up a tailgate, the lots will be full of fun, friendly people who will be happy to share their food and drink and let you into their parties. Feel free to wander about and meet all of the fun and friendly fans throughout the tailgating area, but plan to bring a cooler and some snacks to supplement you along the way.

Where to park

Although you can expect large crowds and packed tailgate areas, parking is bountiful, and you shouldn't have much trouble finding a spot.

Lots B and C (directly east of the FARGODOME), D (directly south), and R North (across 17th Ave) are open for gameday parking. It is $5 to park and cash only.

You can also park in the tailgating lots if you plan to set up a tailgate, but you will need a reserved parking pass.

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What to bring

A cooler that is easy to carry: As we mentioned before, the tailgating lots are full of friendly fans willing to share their food and drinks. BUT we do recommend bringing your own cooler that you can either carry or wheel through the crowds.

Snacks/food items: Same as the drinks above, snacks and food items to enjoy during your day at the tailgate are not a bad idea.

What not to bring

Drones: The tailgate area is a drone-free zone; please do not attempt to fly a drone above the crowds.

Glass: While you can bring your own food and drinks, do not bring glass items to the tailgate area.

How to purchase tickets

Tailgating tickets

Tickets for the non-reserved tailgating spots are $5 per spot with a minimum of 2 spots and a maximum of 4 spots.

How to get a spot:

Tailgating spots west of the dome are first-come, first-served, so if you'd like to have a reserved area, get there early. The non-reserved tailgate lineup starts at 5 p.m. on the Friday night before the game.

On game day, tailgating opens up 5 1/2 hours before kickoff, so plan to make a day of it if the game starts early in the day.

Game tickets

Tickets range from $35.50 - $45.50, depending on where you'd like to sit. There are usually tickets available at the box office on game day, but if you would like to be sure to get one, you can purchase them in a variety of ways.

Where to get tickets to the Bison Football game:

Box office: The box office is open Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. and is located at 1800 N University Dr, Fargo.

Over the phone: Call Bison Tickets at (701) 231-NDSU

Online: Purchase tickets at FARGODOME.com.


Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks as long as they are not in glass containers.

Can I bring my alcoholic beverages to the NDSU campus?

Alcoholic beverages can only be consumed in the tailgating parking lots, not in NDSU parking lots or on the premises of the FARGODOME.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! Dogs are welcome as long as they are leashed and under control.

Can I buy food and beer at the tailgate parking lot?

There is a beer garden within the tailgating lots where you can buy beer to enjoy within the marked areas.

There is no food for sale in the tailgating area, but there are concessions in the FARGODOME if you are attending the game.

Will there be restrooms at the tailgate lots?

Yes! There are many porta-potties set up throughout the lots.