Orchard Glen Conservation Area

Size: 54.5 acres ​Restoration of this site will begin in 2019 Parking: a small marked lot is available for visitors Habitat: Previously an apple orchard, restoration of the woodland, prairie, and wetland habitats on this site will make Orchard Glen a suitable home for a number of bird species. Target species: Bobolink, Wood Duck, Canada Goose, Mallard, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Northern Flicker, and Red-headed Woodpecker. Keep an eye out for Little Bluestem, Big Bluestem, Indian Grass, Leadplant, and Purple Prairie Clover as you pass though the grasslands. The Urban Woods and Prairies Initiative is a joint project between Audubon Dakota, Fargo Park District, Buffalo- Red River Watershed District and the cities of Fargo and Moorhead to restore grassland and woodland areas in Fargo and Moorhead. Currently there is nearly 1,000 acres along the Red River enrolled within the project that were idle flood buyout sites overrun with non-native grasses and trees.