Cottonwood Cider House

What grows in nature can often be affected by the weather, terrior and growing practices. These occurrences can result in changing fruit availably and taste differences in produce. Cottonwood Cider House views these unpredictable happenings as an opportunity to create a truly distinctive cider from year to year. “Our goal is not to recreate last year’s cider. Our goal is to make amazing cider that is unique to the time that it was crafted.” Our ciders are made from apples, hops, and other fruit grown for us by Cottonwood Farm. Cottonwood Farm’s orchard has over 40 different apple varieties. Some of these cultivars are antique types like Campfield and Roxbury Russet; other varieties are more common such as Honeycrisp and Haralson. To meet demand and to compliment Cottonwood Farm’s apples, sometimes we use apples we call “found” apples. These are apples we harvest from our family, friends, and neighbors’ trees. In addition to these apples, Cottonwood Cider House sometimes brings in the best possible quality juice from nearby states. We are cider nuts that drink a lot of cider from all over the world. We’ve traveled from coast to coast and everywhere in between on our quest to learn how to make awesome cider. Our hope is that you will enjoy our cider and become a cider nut too.