Gluten-free options at Fargo-Moorhead restaurants

We get it; navigating a new city’s food scene can be incredibly daunting, especially if you’ve got a food allergy or are sticking to a specific diet. Nothing quite ruins a vacation like a bad case of the “rumblies in the tumblies.” And let’s face it, ordering braised chicken with steamed broccoli for three nights in a row can really grey out your palate. While we don’t have restaurants solely devoted to GF cuisine, there are some options for more colorful fare!

Note: We realize that serious allergies may need a more constrictive list than what we provided below, and this is by no means a one-size-fits-all post. We’d advise you contact the restaurant directly or talk to your server if you have concerns with a restaurant’s preparation of food items.


Thai cuisine is usually a safe bet for both gluten-free and dairy-free alike, as rice noodles and coconut milk are often staples. LeeLa Thai has an amazing Mango Duck Curry that you need in your life. Subtly spicy with a pop of sweetness from the mango alongside pieces of juicy duck… Are you drooling yet?


When I first went to Pounds, it was love at first sight. Their burgers are awesome. Plus, lettuce wraps are already on the menu. It’s always a perk to go somewhere where you don’t have to try to explain by means of origami and napkins how instead of a bun, you’d like lettuce wrapped around the burger. (You haven’t done that? Uh, me either. Don’t look at me like that.) Try the Orange Windmill burger with a side of sweet potato fries. (It’s paleo, right?)

Pounds_lettuce wrap

Photo: Sherry K on Yelp



Be still my beating heart. If money can’t buy you love, how about the next closest thing: Authentic Mexican food. They have these chicken Tacos Supremos with corn tortillas that will knock your socks off. I can’t even try anything else on the menu because I literally have recurring daydreams about these tacos. I’m pretty sure the taco emoji was created just for them.


Rhombus is my favorite pizza place. And it’s not only because they offer a GF crust. They have a wide variety of flavors and combinations, one of my favorites being the Girlfriend Diavolo. Pineapple on pizza is my jam. Add some jalapeno and you’ve got a party. In your mouth. Obviously. The GF crusts only come in a 9” option, but I guess that means you have an excuse not to share!



Lucky’s is great because if lettuce wraps aren’t your thing, don’t sweat it. They’ve got GF bread! [Cue Hallelujah Chorus.] Grab yourself a Guac Burger for some avocado appreciation. Clearly I enjoy sweet potato fries, and theirs are pretty easy on the eyes…or mouth. I’ll just have one (or twenty).


Okay, so it’s not located inside of a restaurant, but these cupcakes deserve a shout-out. For dessert, I’d race you to Unglued Market, where you can buy gluten-free Bakeology cupcakes. There are always two varieties of GF cupcakes on hand, and they are always a crowd-pleaser. (The Lavender Ginger Honey is crazy good, y’all.)


Photo: Bakeology Facebook


Would you like to see more restaurants offer GF options? Where are your favorite places to eat GF fare? Let us know in the comments or tag your favorite eats with #ilovefargo and #northofnormal.

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