Fargo-Moorhead favorites: Best burger

JL Beers

Sometimes a person just craves a good hamburger…nice and juicy…perhaps with some cheese or bacon on it. Recently, via a Facebook post, we asked the good people what their favorite burger place in F-M is. We received many responses and a “winner” was determined. If you’re looking for a good burger joint in F-M, continue reading!

The favorite (by far) among those who responded was….

A fairly new addition to the F-M area, but obviously quite popular. Having tasted their burgers myself, I can vouch that they are indeed delicious!  A couple people recommended the “Humpty Dumpty” specifically. It has a fried egg and cheese…it’s ok, my mouth is watering too. Here’s their full menu–lots of interesting stuff! I would also recommend their fresh-cut chips! JL Beers has locations in both Fargo and Moorhead…the Fargo location is located downtown and the Moorhead location is on Hwy 10/Main Ave. JL Beers also has a location in West Fargo.

While JL Beers got the most votes from those who responded, several other restaurants were mentioned too. Here are a few of the “runners-up” for best burgers in the F-M area….

Looks like there’s several places to get a great burger in Fargo-Moorhead…what’s YOUR favorite? Feel free to leave a comment! 🙂

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