701 Eateries

With two separate concepts, 701 Eateries truly has something for any mood. The building was originally built in 1919 as Fargo’s Acme Dairy and was recently renovated into this gathering place for all to enjoy each other’s company, tell stories, and eat some great food. 701 also sources their foods nearby, for example, the Lefse comes from right here in Fargo, the Bison meat comes from New Rockford, ND, and cheeses used on their Nordic Boards and cheese curds comes from Brooten, MN.

The upstairs rooftop area, Camp Lone Tree, is the perfect spot for happy hour on a summer day. It was named for the owner’s family hunting camp located near Harvey, ND. The camp-style vibe and open-air seating brings you back to the good-old days of your youth (but with a cocktail in hand this time). While the upstairs is airy and fun, the downstairs has a mysterious, cozy feel with dark tones and a Nordic spirit you can feel throughout. The Prairie Kitchen concept was born out of the idea that the kitchen is the heart of the home and is where most memories are made and that rings true in this space. Their menu is full of classic Midwestern dishes like relish trays and lefse platters alongside a Bison tenderloin and Smorgasbord plate that’s bound to make you nostalgic.

More information on where the food is sourced: 

Redhead Creamery: (Brooten, MN):
Cheese maker from Brooten, MN.  We use multiple cheeses for our Nordic Boards at  701 Eateries.  Best Cheese Curds you can find anywhere and are served in all of our restaurants.

LMT Ranch: (Lake Park, MN)
LMT Ranch raises Wagyu beef that we use for our Steak flights and special events.  There is nothing like Wagyu beef and people really enjoy these steaks.  They are unlike anything you have ever had.

North American Bison, LLC: (New Rockford, ND)
Situated in our hometown of New Rockford, ND.  We grew up with many of our friends and family raising Bison.  We are very proud to serve Bison tenderloin at our Prairie Kitchen

DemKota Ranch Beef: (Aberdeen, SD)
DemKota provides regionally sourced beef that we serve in our Prairie Kitchen at 701 Eateries.  The beef is Prime rated and we use multiple cuts such as Ribeyes and Porterhouse to age anywhere from 30 -100 days.  These steaks are amazing!

Freddy’s Lefse: (Fargo, ND)
Lefse was a staple in our home growing up.  Our Grandmothers and Aunts made lefse for many of our special occasions.  Freddy’s has been around since 1946 and reminds us of the lefse that our families made.  We are happy to serve Freddy’s as a stand alone appetizer with butter and sugar and as a part of our Nordic Boards in the Prairie Kitchen.



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