Complimentary Event Services

The Event Services team at the Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau offers years of experience and creative solutions to add that final sparkle to your professionally orchestrated event.


Event Services Guide Fargo

Pre-Registration Assistance
We will create your convention registration database and assist you with the registration process. Holders and inserts for name badges will be provided. These can be pre-typed with delegate information and your logo. Equipment for typing name badges on-site can also be provided for use at your registration desk. Badges will be organized and easy to handle during registration.

Housing Bureau
Qualifying organizations can utilize our automated reservation services. We will design a customized housing form to meet your needs.

On-Site Registration

Registration personnel along with the latest registration equipment will be available during your convention.
*Hours offered are based on room nights booked. Subject to availability.

Guest Information Brochures

Visitor Guides with a city map, attractions, and gourmet guides will be available for your registration or information table as well as plastic FM CVB logo conference bags.

Banners and Posters

These complimentary services are based upon the number of attendees.
50 – 150 room nights –  Badges included, 2 banners, 2 signs, and registration assistance for 4 hours/day
150 -300 room nights –  Badges included, 3 banners, 4 signs, and registration assistance for 6 hours/day
300 – 500 room nights – Badges included, 5 banners, 8 signs, and registration assistance for 10 hours/day
500+ room nights – Badges included, 7 banners, 10 signs, and registration assistance for 12 hours/day

Media and Dignitary
We will assist you with news releases and news conferences. Arrangements can be made to have a city official write a welcome letter for your attendees’ welcome packets.

Transportation/Shuttle Service

Your attendees need a way to get from point A to point B, and we’re here to make sure the ride is as smooth as possible. We will coordinate with our local shuttle services to round up availability and current pricing and present you with the best options to choose from.

Guest/Family Programs
The CVB can assist in coordinating guest and family programs, educational and recreational tours, and offer suggestions for “down time” activities.

Speakers and Entertainment

Need someone to sing the National Anthem? Or a hypnotist to engage attendees? How about a keynote speaker at just the right price? We’ve got ideas for you. You may also search our Speakers and Entertainment page to spark some ingenuity, too.