I know that when I am traveling, the first thing I look at is where I can go to eat. Thankfully, when you visit Fargo, there are so many local restaurants you won't have trouble finding a great meal no matter what type of food you're looking for. To help you get started, I've picked a few of my favorites and what I order when I go there.

1. Cracked Pepper

This is one of my favorite lunch spots in all of Fargo-Moorhead; it has a hole-in-the-wall vibe complete with mismatched furniture, made-from-scratch food, and sweet ladies working behind the counter.  The menu changes daily with specials for around $9 which includes an entree, vegetable side, slice of bread (a literal slice of heaven), and a lunch dessert.

Favorite dish: Since the menu changes, this is a toughy. The CBR (chicken-bacon-ranch) Wrap is a good go-to lunch meal, but if the Tater Tot Hotdish is available, you gotta try it.

4955 17th Ave S, Ste 124, Fargo | (701) 356-0039

2. Spitfire Bar & Grill

You really can't find a better place for a date night than Spitfire. The cozy booths and brick walls alongside the sizzling wood fire rotisserie make for a very romantic spot for all occasions. The menu varies from flat breads to wood fired steaks, but their pastas, burgers, and fish also can't be beat.

Favorite dish: The Spitfire Pasta is mouthwatering, but if you're really looking to splurge, the Prime Rib Special is by far the best thing on the menu.

1660 13th Ave E, West Fargo | (701) 478-8667

3. Teddy's Eatery & Parlor

Forget everything you know about grilled cheese, Teddy's flips this sandwich on its head to make some of the best comfort food in town. The inside of the building has a cool bistro feeling with fun lighting, original wood floors, and a large bar along the entire side of the room.

Favorite dish: Start with the smoked gouda fondue and then move on to the Snobby Frenchman (brie grilled cheese with apples and walnuts). You can thank me later.

212 Broadway N, Fargo | (701) 551-0777

4. JL Beers

By far the best burger place in town, JL Beers has 4 locations around the tri-city area and each one of them whips up the most amazing burgers and fries. Each location has cozy buildings with brick interior and a bar with a whole bunch of beers on tap.

Favorite dish: Literally any burger on the menu... but my go-to is the Rajun Cajun with sea salt fries.

Downtown Fargo - 518 1st Ave N, Fargo | (701) 492-3377 South Fargo - 4240 32nd Ave S, Fargo | (701) 356-4240 West Fargo - 810 13th Ave E, West Fargo | (701) 373-8484

5. Mango's Mexican and American Grill

Last but not least, Mango's. This is arguably the most authentic Mexican food restaurant in Fargo, and for me it easily tops the list. From the outside it might not look like much (it's attached to a gas station), but once you get inside, the smells coming from the kitchen will make you forget all about it.

Favorite dish: The Molcajete dish with steak – this comes to your table sizzling with meat and veggies to be put on tortillas. Yum.

2901 Main Ave, Fargo | (701) 232-4886



With so many other options for local restaurants in Fargo, you're almost guaranteed to find a great place to eat... though I hope this helped narrow down your search a bit.