Fargo's flat. And while that doesn't make for great downhill skiing or mountain climbing, it does make for incredible sunset views.

You'll also notice the city doesn't have many tall buildings. The fertile soil of the valley means it's easier to build out than up. So instead of having a traditional skyline, we like to think the #FargoSkyline is made up of incredible sunrises and sunsets.

This list has only places that you can see the sunset or sunrise from the safety of your vehicle, so feel free to take a drive out there and see some beautiful sites.

Parking garages

One of the quirkier things many locals do to cap off a night is to watch the sunset from the top of one of the parking garages in Downtown Fargo. The Roberts Common (RoCo) garage and Island Park ramps are favorites.

If you're more a sunrise fan, these ramps have great views to the east, too.

From the river

Sit or park beside the river and watch the colors of the sky reflected in the Red River of the North, or wake up early and paddle as the sun comes up.

Airport viewing area

Fargo's Hector International Airport has an east-facing viewpoint where the flatness of the prairie mixed with the open space required for runways means epic views of sunrises.

Somewhere with a vanishing point

The incredibly straight roads and flat horizons of these parts make for stunning sunset or sunrise views. Because it's the prairie, you often won't find trees in the way, but the few you do add spectacular silhouettes to the picture.


Winter or summer, many of Fargo-Moorhead's parks make for sunset-watching dreams.

Sit under the water tower in Woodlawn Park and watch the sun go down over the river with Downtown Fargo across the water. Or, head out to Rendezvous Park on the western edge of West Fargo for sunsets over the small falls without any city in the background. If you don't mind trees, great views can be found at Lindenwood Park and Viking Ship Park, too.

Drive outside the city

If you don't want trees or buildings impeding the view, driving just 10 minutes outside the city to the south or west will put you smack dab in the middle of flat fields.

You'll feel like you're in a snow globe with incredible colors streaking the sky from horizon to horizon. Find a sunflower field in late summer and early fall for even more spectacular panoramas.

Memorial Bridge on Main Ave.

The pillars of Memorial Bridge (which crosses from Minnesota into North Dakota) against a North Dakota sunset create one striking scene.

Buffalo River State Park

About 30 minutes outside of Moorhead in Minnesota, this state park gives you the best of both worlds: A river setting with beautiful shade trees, and the option to walk out onto natural prairie grasslands to watch the sunrise or sunset behind the horizon.


Here's to no skyscrapers getting in the way of gorgeous North Dakota sunsets!