Fargo may be a city, but its roots are agricultural – we swear that whole "amber waves of grain" line was written for us. Just drive 15 minutes in any direction outside city limits and you'll find yourself in fields of corn, soybeans, sunflowers, wheat, and really anything that grows.

Every summer, a series of farmers' markets bring those surroundings into the heart of the city. Below are five reasons to visit the biggest one – the Red River Market – even if you're not a veggie eater.

1. The selection of produce

The Red River Market is the triple whammy of shopping – local, seasonal, AND organic. Whether you're doing your week's shopping or just looking for a fresh treat, the stands bring the most in-season produce every time. Think rainbow chard, purple beets, green beans, melons, zucchini, radishes, raspberries, and more.

2. "Other" market goodies

So we led with the vegetables (they are pretty and nutritious, after all), but non-veggie eaters can find other goodies at the Red River Market.

Start with a dose of caffeine at the Twenty Below or Thunder Coffee carts. Then, meat-eaters can hit up the grass-fed beef, lamb, and pork stands or go for some free-range eggs. Craftier people may want to check out the jewelry, craft stalls, gardening products, and alpaca yarn stand.

You can also find (and sometimes sample!) locally-produced honey, salsa, and jam, or pick up some fresh-cut flowers for your home or your loved ones.

3. Ready-to-eat snacks

Let's be honest: being surrounded by all this food makes us hungry. If your stomach starts rumbling, too, find your way to the fried pie stand, or pick up some other baked goods. Pastries, cake pops, coffee cake, cookies, Madeleines, and freshly-baked breads are just the start.

Red River Market also offers vegan, cruelty-free baked goods, and have jumped on the food truck wagon, so you can sample local flavors with full-on food truck meals.

4. People watching

Possibly the best part of the market is some good ol' fashioned creeping (just kidding... sort of). All sorts of people stop into the market to buy something, and sometimes they bring their pups! You can watch interactions between shoppers and farmers, see what others are buying, or simply try to become friends with any dog nearest you.

A note on dogs: The Red River Market allows leashed dogs in, as long as both pets and owners abide by the rules.

5. All the photo ops

Red River Markets' permanent location is the new Broadway Square, so good photos are a given. Performers will frequent the stage, and the green space will be there for you to relax and snap a few shots.

Finally, the fresh flowers, produce, and people make great models, too.

The fine print

The Red River Market opens July 10 and runs through October 30. It's every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is free entry for all!

You can find it at its new location, Broadway Square, 201 Broadway N.