Fargo used to have a Restaurant Week, but realized that seven days just wasn’t enough to appreciate all the amazing local restaurants (220+ of them!) that we have in Fargo and its sister cities Moorhead and West Fargo. Instead, we're spending all of summer celebrating local restaurants.

Locals love food, and they always have a favorite spot to recommend. The Fargo Foodie, a local Instagram influencer, let us in on some of her favorite places.

Read on to find The Fargo Foodie’s favorite restaurants, why she loves them, and what she’d recommend from each.


1. Vinyl Taco

Two street tacos from Vinyl Taco

Photo from @thefargofoodie on Instagram

The crispy fish taco is my go to at Vinyl Taco. Even if I try something new, I always have to get one of these! You can’t go wrong with the queso or margaritas either. Bonus points if you can sit outside!

My recommendation:

The crispy fish taco!

2. The Silver Lining Creamery


The Fargo Foodie's ice cream cone at Silver Lining Creamery

Photo from @thefargofoodie on Instagram

What I love about Silver Lining is the creativity of their flavors. I have sampled some crazy stuff, like pickle ice cream (better than expected) and even ice cream with a spicy kick!

My recommendation:

My favorite thus far has been the Cap'n Crunch. I always go for a waffle cone as a rule as well.

3. The Boiler Room


Entrees from The Boiler Room

Photo from @thefargofoodie on Instagram

The Boiler Room is usually my first recommendation to anyone who asks where to eat in Fargo. They have a little of everything, and it’s usually with a new twist.

My recommendation:

I love the bacon and spinach dip – which you can get for half price during happy hour!

4. Rustica


Plates of food from Rustica

Photo from @thefargofoodie on Instagram

Rustica is one of my favorites because of their happy hour. They offer half price appetizers and pizzas, which lets you get a good sampling of everything they have to offer.

My recommendation:

Try the stuffed dates or crispy pork belly!

5. Izumi Sushi


Sushi plates at Izumi Sushi

Photo from @thefargofoodie on Instagram

If you like sushi, you need to check out Izumi! Their all-you-can-eat option is a great way to try new things. Go with a group and order as many rolls as you want to try!

My recommendation:

My favorites are the cheese rangoons, the Izumi roll, and the Crispy Crab roll.

6. NoBull Smokehouse


NoBull sandwich plate

Photo from @thefargofoodie on Instagram

NoBull has the best barbecue in Fargo! I love their brisket, corn bread, and mac and cheese.

My recommendation:

My go to is usually the Cowbell sandwich... brisket, pickled onions, and horseradish sauce. Don’t forget a rosemary lemonade either!


Stay tuned for more food recommendations from locals! In the meantime, check out the local dining guide and explore your other food and drink options.