Even though we Fargo folk may be known for the Coen brothers' dark comedy, our city has much more to offer. Instead of the frozen tundra we usually endure, visitors arriving in Fargo in other seasons will find the bustling city pulsing with entrepreneurial and creative energy. Fargo's historic downtown and beyond is the perfect base for an active, eco-conscious traveler and resident.

So, how can we stay eco-conscious this spring?


Eat at Farm-to-Table Restaurants

Fargo is surrounded by farm fields and ranches, perfectly positioned for farm-to-table dining. You can find local bratwurst topped with sauerkraut at Wurst Bier Hall, pizza crust made with North Dakota wheat at Blackbird Woodfire, Fargo-grown microgreens garnishing the late-night happy hour snacks at Mezzaluna, or try the ever-evolving menu that honors local providers and Midwest tastes at Luna.

Other options include Rosewild, whose menu is considered "hyperlocal," with the menus created seasonally to ensure everything is fresh and delectable, and 701 Eateries, offering local choices from lefse, bison, and cheese boards. For dessert, you can't beat the scrumptious macaroons at Nichole's Fine Pastry or an old-fashioned sour cream cake donut from Sandy's Donuts.

Drekker's new Brewhalla is bursting with new concepts and second locations of the restaurants above. Blackbird's and Nichole's second locations carry the same homegrown concepts. Luna's newest creations of Mångata Wine and Raw Bar, LUNA Market, Unicorn Park Fine Foodery, and House of Noods + Buns offer expanded selections of what they already provide.

Use Your Reusable Bags

Reusable bags can be used for a lot more than carrying groceries. A nice reusable bag is essentially a structured tote bag and can be used for many things you have around. Pack your lunch, have snacks, bring them to the library, and pick out produce. Fan favorites have been found at Daily's Market and proper.

Shop Local Produce

Grocery stores are here to stay. But why not support local growers and gatherers while you're at it? Food of the North helps locals grow food, purchase from others, and get involved if they don't know where to start. One of their more significant projects, Little Free Garden, aims to foster communities committed to growing, sharing, and cultivating food in small gardens in residential or public spaces.

Food of the North also provides "First Friday" events for the community, providing a space for the community to talk about food and sustainability. You can also shop with them at local markets.

Shop Local

We're all familiar with this concept and may have participated during small-business Saturdays. Yet, why not support local year-round? Many of the stores in Downtown Fargo are locally owned, and many help you give back, reduce waste, and support local artisans while you shop.

For unique products, head to either of these gift emporiums. Zandbroz is a staple feature of Downtown Fargo, offering an array of paper products and jewelry and a great selection of books from local authors. Unglued, now located in Brewhalla, salutes the crazed crafting community, an explosion of quirky, cute, and hilariously snarky handmade products from local artists and makers.

We have the jackpot if you're looking for household and personal care products. In Brewhalla, buy bulk and reduce your carbon footprint with Red River Refillery. Bring your containers, or use one of their free options and stock up on household cleaning products, shower items, containers, and other reusable items for you and your home.

Bike and Walk Instead of Driving

Fargo has over 100 parks and hundreds of miles of bike trails, so there's plenty to explore. Don't have a bike? No problem, our town is bike-friendly, with rentals at Lindenwood Park and shops galore. Find your bike and biking style in preparation for local shopping and farmers' markets. Plus, if your strolls end up in Downtown Fargo, check out this walking tour to "Look Around Downtown."