With a rich Scandinavian and German heritage, Fargoans tend to adapt many of their ancestors' drinking habits. Here are some ways to keep up with us when you're here:


Put odd things in your beer

Although we do like our craft beer in the Midwest, a lot of us also partake in a good old American lager here and there. Of course, it's not just your normal light beer, we have to put stuff in it!

Pickles and/or olives

Don't knock it till you try it. Adding a salty snack to your beer is always a good choice, and if you're in the Midwest, you'll fit right in if you throw a pickle or an olive (or both) into your beer.

Bloody Mary mix

Another staple in the Midwest is the Bloody Beer... add a bit of Bloody Mary mix or Clamato and you're on your way. Pro tip: add an olive to it to get extra Midwest.



Order one of these at the bar


These custom made water skis have holes perfectly cut for plastic shot glasses. Get a group lined up and tip the ski together as you all take your respective shots.

These are popular, especially in Minnesota, because water skiing was invented here! They're also just a great way to take a shot with some friends.

Ice Hole

We're not going to beat around the bush here, winter in the Midwest can be brutal. When it's "a pretty nice day" (aka below freezing but no wind), locals head to the lake to catch some fish. Ice Hole (a flavored Schnapps-type liquor) is a staple on these chilly days on the lake, and can also be found at your neighborhood bar.


Bloody Mary's are good, but Caesars are definitely superior. A Caesar is made with Clamato (clam & tomato juice), vodka, and all of your favorite accoutrements (pickles, olives, cheese sticks, the list goes on...). Pro tip: order one of these bad boys with a beer chaser (see: learn the games and lingo below).



Learn the games and lingo


For a Midwesterner, chasers are vital to having a great Bloody Mary (or Caesar). These are tiny glasses of beer (sometimes called a "beer-back") that help cool down a spicy Bloody. If you order these anywhere else, people will look at you like you're crazy. But here in Fargo, they're offered up with any order.

Beer darts

Warning: this game is not for the faint of heart. Beer darts season is pretty much any time the temperature rises above 30 degrees. If you're visiting the Midwest in the Spring, you will most likely be invited to play this (fairly dangerous) game.

Here's how you do it:
1. Sit in a circle
2. Grab a can of your favorite beer and place it in front of you
3. Hide your toes
4. Throw a dart at beers and chug to wherever it hits the can


Pick up some PVC pipes at your local hardware store and put them in the ground around 35 feet apart. Then you put an empty beer bottle on the top of the pole and throw a frisbee to try to hit the opponents target to score points. This is especially fun if you follow the rule that requires you to hold (and drink) a beer while you're playing.



All in all, if you're having a good time and can hold your booze, your Midwestern friends will appreciate the effort.