Come On Up Where It's Cooler

Fargo. North of Normal.

For a Midwestern city, Fargo’s a little off-center.

You know it the moment you hit the ground. You sense it in the air, feel it on the prairie wind. This place is different. Not like anywhere you’ve been before. It’s unfamiliar ground, but it’s ground you want to spend time on. Welcome to Fargo, a place that sets the bar far above the norm.

For a Midwestern city, Fargo’s a little off-center.
It's Not Always Cold Up Here

Summertime Pastimes

While Fargo might be known for its wintry weather, the summers here are quite enjoyable. They're filled with festivals, events, outdoor activities and lots of sunshine.

Grab Your Friends

Experience Fargo

You’ll find an adventurous pioneering spirit alive and well in Fargo with a surprising array of cultural influences, attractions and activities far beyond what is characteristic for a city its size.

Fargo's North


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