Solberg Farms

We are closing in on being a 100-year-old farm (almost a centennial farm). It’s been in the Solberg Family for that long. We are the 3rd generation of Solbergs to run this farm. For many years it was a small grain farm, now we have increased what we do. We raise sheep, geese, ducks, and chickens. We do sell some meat and eggs. We have lamb for sale. Lamb chops, ground lamb, etc. Seasonally we sell whole chicken. We are located along the beautiful wild rice river which is south of Fargo. We host various family events and tours every summer and have been a part of the local farmers market for many years. Some examples of our events are yoga, kayaking, bus tours, concerts. Events/prices will be posted on this website as they come up. We’re excited to have you out at the farm when we put on our next event! Remember to monitor this page and our Facebook page for more info!