Historic Log Cabin

The Historic Log Cabin in W.H. Davy Memorial Park has stood in the Red River Valley, in one way or another, since 1860. It was constructed and named "Burbank Station" by Lew Lewiston as a stop on the Burbank Stage Company's route between Fort Abercrombie and Georgetown. Lewiston operated Burbank Station until August, 1862, when it was abandoned in the U.S. - Dakota War. Following the war, the building was moved, renovated, and then occupied as a Moorhead home until it was torn down in 1931. With city permission and the original logs, the Moorhead Garden Club reassembled the cabin over the course of the following two years on the edge of Woodlawn Park and used it as a club house for fifty years. It served as the site of various arts and heritage events and later took a new name, "The Folk Arts Cabin." In October of 2010 the City of Moorhead moved the cabin to W.H. Davy - Memorial Park, where the structure now sits almost exactly where it was originally built in 1860.