6 signs of spring in Fargo

It has been a long winter in Fargo and as much as we love a snow-covered tree, it’s nice to finally see the sun!

Several things mark the beginning of spring in Fargo – one of which is the locals wearing shorts any day that’s 40°F or warmer. Beyond pale legs finally seeing the light of day, here are 6 telltale signs of spring in Fargo:

1. The Original Moorhead Dairy Queen

Seeing lines in front of the Moorhead Dairy Queen means spring is finally here in Fargo’s sister city, Moorhead. This historical landmark has been a local favorite since it opened in the late 1940s. You gotta try one of the hand-dipped Dilly Bars (they were invented at this very shop!) and take your photo by the 16-foot-tall Dilly Bar statue while you’re there.

24 8th St S, Moorhead | (218) 233-3221

2. Pictures with the murals

Once the snow clears enough to get up close to the murals (or even when it hasn’t) you’ll start to see a whole bunch of pretty colors filling your Instagram feed of people taking pictures with the murals created by local artists.

Downtown Fargo

3. Patios

Once the sun comes out, the garage doors swing open and you start seeing the crowds of people on the patios around town. Who doesn’t love enjoying a local craft beer or trying some local fare while also soaking in some rays?!

Some of our favorites: Drekker Brewing Company – Brewhalla, Wild Terra Cider, and Lucky’s 13 Pub.

4. Lindenwood lift bridge

Being able to walk across the Lindenwood Lift Bridge is another great sign that spring has arrived. This bridge connects Lindenwood Park and Gooseberry Park and stretches across the Red River. When it’s down and ready for use, you can walk from North Dakota into Minnesota on one of the only pedestrian bridges that stretches from one state into another!

5. Food trucks

Food trucks are starting to show up around Fargo-Moorhead at breweries and around downtown Fargo. With so many different street foods to choose from, you’ll have to get out there and try one in the nice weather.

6. ‘Scopes at Junkyard

Once the snow melts, Junkyard Brewing Company brings out their telescopes for stargazing. Grab a local beer and step outside on their patio to view the stars in a whole different way. Not to mention, there’s live music almost every night at Junkyard so you can listen to some local tunes while you’re there.

Spring has sprung around Fargo and we hope this list will help you kick it off the right way.