Visit Fargo, ND

Experience North. North of Normal.

Fargo consists of three cities in two states – so it’s no wonder our reputation is a little off-kilter. We owe a lot to our northern prairie locale. Our adventurous, pioneering spirit is alive and well. You’ll find a unique mix of Midwestern gregariousness and quiet strength. Ingenuity, vision, and down-to-earth practicality define our distinct prairie soul. Experience North, North of Normal.

Experience North. North of Normal.

Official Visitors Guide

The Visitors Guide is the place to find insider tips, local favorites, and what’s happening during your next visit. 
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Official Dining Guide

The official Fargo-Moorhead Dining Guide is a complete list of all of the local restaurants in Fargo-Moorhead.
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Here in Fargo-Moorhead, we’re about doing your own thing and forging your own path, but if you’d like a little guidance, we’ve put together a few itineraries to get you started and help you make the most of your while you’re here.

Road-Trip Itinerary | Minnesota & North Dakota

The perfect road trip loop from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Medora, North Dakota, and back again. Visit the best stops throughout North Dakota and Minnesota.

First-Timer’s Guide to Fargo

A three-day itinerary to get all of the must-see things to visit in Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo.

Road-Trip Itinerary | Minneapolis to Denver

Travel from two major International Airport hubs in Minneapolis and Denver and visit some great tourist attractions along the way.

Outdoor Adventure Itinerary – Winter Edition

If you love outdoor wintry fun, Fargo is a great place to visit. We have so many things to do while you’re here, we created a two-day itinerary for you to follow just to fit them all in.

Road-Trip Itinerary | North Dakota

A mapped out 4-day itinerary loop throughout North Dakota.