Hidden gems in Fargo-Moorhead

Fargo is an artsy town, with installations on electrical boxes, murals, and scupltures throughout. Here are a few of the hidden gems within the community that are worth seeking out.  

Rollo statue 

Standing tall to honor Rollo the Viking from Alesund, Norway, came to Fargo in 1912 and was greeted by a crowd of 15,000 outside of the Great Northern Railway depot in Downtown Fargo.

It has since relocated to a space across the street from Fargo’s Sons of Norway as a reminder of our Norweigan heritage.

Island in the middle of 9th St & South of 3rd Ave N, Fargo

Wood-chip Marge

An unexpected surprise in the 1926 Fargo Theatre can be found on the second floor of the theater. The 8-foot tall chainsaw carving of Marge from the movie Fargo was a gift from MGM Home Entertainment.

Visitors need to purchase a ticket to a show or a movie to see this wonder.

Fargo Theatre | 314 Broadway, Fargo | (701) 239-8385

Mighty Wurlitzer

Also found within the Fargo Theatre is the Mighty Wurlitzer, this pipe organ is revealed during some of their events along with the theatre still showing silent movies every once and a while.

Check ahead for events that the Wurlitzer is unveiled on their website. Tickets for events will need to be purchased to see this wonder.

Fargo Theatre | 314 Broadway, Fargo | (701) 239-8385

Painted bison

A herd of 20 painted bison can be found throughout the community and are truly a hidden gem of the metro area.

Read more about the bison here.

Fargo heart

Lit up on nights in Downtown Fargo, some see this art piece as the true heart of Fargo.

To find this hidden gem, step across the street from JLG Architects to the Loretta Building’s wall.

Downtown Fargo | Near 214 Broadway N, Fargo

“FARGO” Bike Racks

Just outside of Silver Linings Creamery, the bike racks have a message for you. These funky hands are spelling out “Fargo” in sign language!

Corner of Broadway and 2nd Ave N


Across the river in Downtown Moorhead, eleven artists designed unique planters which made for a great hidden masterpiece in a fairly industrial block of the city.

Between the M&H and Ace Hardware on Main Ave & 6th St, Moorhead

The Sodbuster

Last but not least, the Sodbuster is back in Downtown Fargo. The 24-foot long, 1,300 lb sculpture was at the intersection of Main and Broadway but was taken out to be restored in 2002. It now sits proudly in City hall Plaza.