Treating Your Customers the Way Nonprofits Treat Their Donors

We’re in a bizarre new reality where there is an expectation and desperate need for personalization from clients and customers. So how do you, as a business, transform the way you interact with those you serve? Look to the non-profit world. Organizations that solicit individuals and businesses for donations are the key to understanding how to attract, and more importantly keep, customers. Using over 15 years of experience in nonprofit fundraising work, we’ll extrapolate some of the best practices that nonprofits use to make transactional gifts and turn them into transformative relationships – and how your business can get into the business of celebration and appreciation to develop customer relations better than you ever have before. What will attendees learn? A weekly framework to build better and more purposeful customer relationships Examples of how to use social media to enhance your customer experience Tangible and achievable daily tasks to combat the belief that & quote we don’t have time to do this”