Attract the Next Generation of Talent

The Backstory...
As a recruiter, I remember making the offer to my first hire. I was thrilled. The next week, they went dark. I tried texting, calling, emailing multiple times and no response. My very first "recruit" never started the job. We live in a day and age where this type of behavior is more and more common. It’s crucial to have a strong recruiting discipline within your organization.

The fight…
It is a dog fight for talent, and a job seeker’s world. Leaders are finding it difficult to patiently wait for the “right candidate," and you cannot afford to lose the employees you already have. On top of that, 69% of teams restructured in 2020 - leaving a lot of room for disengagement and turnover (State of Talent Optimization Report). Our world is moving at a faster pace than ever before. You may be thinking, “Where am I going to find the time and energy to recruit quality candidates?” Even more challenging, it’s possible your company does not have a dedicated HR department. If you’re struggling to attract high quality candidates and build a dream team, then this will be the most important session you attend in 2021.

To make matters worse:

• Workers under 35 have an average tenure of 3 years at a company. - US Department of Labor
• Two out of three American workers would consider making a job change and 50 percent of Americans are unhappy in their job. - Gallup Research
• Executives attribute 72% of their company’s value to their people, yet only 12% of companies align their talent strategy with their business strategy. - 2020 State of Talent Optimization Report

Where do we go from here?
If you are recruiting employees in a hurry and concerned about employee turnover, especially with your young, high-achievers, then let’s make sure you have a successful recruiting plan in place. With the right strategy, it is an exciting time for leaders to create a vibrant, multi- generational workforce where performance soars.

1. Rethink Recruiting – Recruiting is not just an “HR Problem”. How can we ignite a passion for recruiting within your office influencers?
2. Attract Your Dream Employee – Create your ideal candidate profile. Are you positioning your organization and the career path in an attractive way?
3. Build a magnetic recruiting machine – Make recruiting a discipline that feels natural and compliments your sales strategy.