Burnout Prevention During Times of Change

The world is moving at a faster pace than ever before…and that means constant change... Also, hybrid work, while having its benefits, has also caused obstacles and miscommunications. ...Are you working long hours? ...Are you feeling exhausted, stressed, and worn out? ...Or even if you’re not, what steps are you taking to make sure you stay engaged in work and in life, before it’s too late? If you’re struggling to engage in your job amid constant challenges and pressures, you are not alone....and could be on the fast track to burnout. Burnout is defined as mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion and can be caused by prolonged stress. How do we preserve our teams during times of change? How will we continue to care for ourselves and others in the workplace, before we become burned out? KEY LEARNING OBJECTIVES IN THIS SESSION INCLUDE: Your Mindset Matters o Abolishing burnout, stressors, and negative thoughts o Acknowledge and eliminate imposter syndrome Alleviate Stress, Re-Define Success o Giving yourself permission to be imperfect o Be more patient with yourself and others Setting Unbreakable Boundaries o Protect your calendar by knowing your non-negotiables o Learn how to prioritize what matters