Taste of Fargo-Moorhead: Red River Valley Fair

Some people go to the Red River Valley Fair for the rides, the concerts, and the cute-as-heck animals, but we know the real showstopper: the food.

Stands upon stands of delicious food wait just inside the gates (which are free admission during the weekdays over the lunch hours – 11 to 1 – in case you were wondering). They’ll lure you in with scents of freshly-baked cookies, BBQ-ed meats, and greasy goodies. Below are some of the classic must-tries at the fair.


Footlong corndog at Red River Valley Fair in Fargo

Like any good Midwesterner, you must try something on a stick. You’ll find cookie dough, s’mores, corn dogs, pork chops, caramel apples, bacon, and more.

Midwestern taco variety

Oof-da taco at Red River Valley Fair in Fargo

Regular tacos are available at the fair, but what fun is that when you can have a distinctly Midwestern one? Head to the Oof-da taco stand and get all the fixings on a flat, fried bread.

If you’d rather have chips as the base for your taco, opt for a walking taco (or taco-in-a-bag as some North Dakotans call it), and you’ll get regular taco ingredients inside a bag of tortilla chips or Doritos.

Deep-fried goodness

Cheese curds at Red River Valley Fair in Fargo

When at the fair, you gotta try at least one thing that’s fried. Honestly, you won’t have to look very hard to find something.

Several stands devote themselves solely to cheese curds, others to mini donuts. Off-the-wall options like fried cheesecake and very Midwestern fried pickles await, too. For the ultimate fried food experience, you can buy fried Twinkies, Oreos, and other candy bars. Just eat them as you wander… wandering burns calories.

Refreshing lemonade

Ice-cold lemonade complements any fair meal perfectly. You won’t miss the stands (they’re shaped like lemons), and can get cups that include cheap refills, so you can come back day after day.

It’s hard to choose just a few treats from the fair when giant turkey legs, juicy burgers, warm cookies, and cream cheese wontons tempt you at every turn. We wish you the best of luck!