How to eat like a Midwesterner: Snickers Salad

In the Midwest, we do things a little differently. We say “pop” instead of “soda”, we pronounce “bag” like “beg,” and we eat lots of salad, but not the leafy greens that you would normally assume. Salads in the Midwest, especially in the Fargo-Moorhead area, are typically desserts made of a cream or pudding base, served in large bowls at social events or holidays. Many of the popular dishes at Midwestern events are served family style and tend to be very hearty. “Salad” here is no different. The most popular of these dessert salads include: Cookie Salad, Frogeye Salad, and Snickers Salad.

Here is how you make the Snickers Salad like a true Midwesterner.





(6) Granny Smith Apples

(4) Snickers Bars

(1) 8 oz. container of Cool Whip (Thawed)

(1) Package of vanilla instant pudding



The first step while making Snickers Salad is to make the instant vanilla pudding. Follow the directions printed on the box. When this is completed, it needs to be chilled until it is cool enough so it does not melt the chocolate off of the Snickers. We put the pudding outside since we live in North Dakota and it was a “chilly” 25 degrees.  

While the pudding is cooling, chop the apples and Snickers into bite sized pieces and put them to the side. I suggest keeping the crumbles from the Snickers and topping off the salad when it is done.

Bring the pudding back inside and empty it into the serving dish. Add in the thawed Cool Whip. Fold the apples into the pudding and Cool Whip mixture and then fold in the Snickers.

Snickers Salad is best enjoyed right away.


And there you have it. Snickers Salad is the perfect “side salad” for nearly any meal in the Midwest, and always a hit at potlucks!