A love letter to the Moorhead Dairy Queen

Come rain, snow, sleet, or (unlikely-best-case scenario) sunshine, you will see Fargo-Moorhead’s inhabitants standing in line outside of the regionally renowned Moorhead Dairy Queen on March 1st each year.

Why this particular Dairy Queen, when Dairy Queens are stamped along every major street in Fargo-Moorhead?

It’s no surprise to those who are familiar with Fargo-Moorhead that we embrace the “North of Normal” life here. We love our unique, quirky shops and restaurants. So when it comes to this particular Dairy Queen, to quote Serious Eats, this DQ is a “chain breaker.” The Moorhead Dairy Queen has been around since 1949, and remains to date to be something of a local attraction. In fact, the Moorhead DQ is credited with the invention of the Dilly Bar. When I moved to Fargo, I never understood why the Moorhead DQ received all the hype, until I went there for myself. It’s just something you’ve got to experience for yourself to understand.

moorhead dq-dilly bar

Dilly Bar {Photo by Jackie Varriano}


Besides it being an absolutely crazy a slightly eccentric local tradition of withstanding the March cold, the Moorhead Dairy Queen serves up smiles with generous portions, a fun presentation, and other menu items you can’t get at other Dairy Queens, like barbecue sandwiches, chili, and old fashioned sodas.

I’m pretty much a DQ-Blizzard sort of gal. But not just any Blizzard. I have a particular enthusiasm for Heath bar Blizzards with cocoa fudge (instead of the usual hot fudge), and with Reese’s Peanut Butter cups added. It’s pretty indulgent, to be fair, and many Dairy Queens in our area are not too happy to see you swapping items.

At the Moorhead DQ however, they get me. Not only do they swap my items happily, they add a little panache to my extravagant Blizzard by adding some presentation to it. They heap on the Heath bars and Reese’s, the rich, gooey cocoa fudge is consistently chocolatey throughout the entire Blizzard, and they sprinkle some Heath and Reese’s on top for extra flair. Not only is this delicious, but delightful to receive as well. Eye-candy, if you will. (Insert heart-eyed emoji.)

It’s always a treat when March 1st rolls around. It signifies that summer is almost here, by Midwestern standards. It gives us all something to look forward to, even if it’s a balmy ten below on March 1st.

If you’re in the area, and want to check out this unique slice of the past, be sure to tag us by using our hashtags, #NorthofNormal, #moorheadproud and #ilovefargo!

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