Fargo-Moorhead’s Foodie Friday: Taco Bros food truck

There’s a new trend taking hold of the Fargo-Moorhead community. Food Trucks. Thank the food fairies!

I love food trucks. I love everything Food Trucks stand for – I love the affordable pricing – I love the entrepreneurial spirit of their owners – I love the food they produce – I love their flexibility.

Food. Trucks.

Taco Bros Food Truck

Taco Bros Food Truck

The summer before I started at the Fargo-Moorhead Convention and Visitors Bureau, I was in Portland, OR working as an intern. That was the summer I fell hard for food trucks. Portland’s downtown is lined with truck after truck of every ethnic food you could ever desire. The smells were intoxicating and the food always lived up to the hype. When I returned to Fargo post-internship I craved the food truck delicacies that I had grown to adore on the other side of the country. Now, FINALLY, food truck culture is taking hold of Fargo!

At this point, downtown is the place to go for most of the food trucks in our area and Mexican is the name of the game.

Taco Bros, located on Roberts Street, just west of the Empire. They are in the parking lot just south of the railroad tracks between 4th and 6th Avenues North… (I know what you’re thinking… “But Adrienne, I don’t know where that is!” Well what do you expect!?! It’s a food truck!) Taco Bros has been serving up tasty tacos and awesome Mexican flavors for almost two years in downtown Fargo. Their service is quick and their food has the perfect amount of heat (at least for my taste buds). Our group ordered a little bit of everything and shared. Between the three of us we spent $18 and walked away more than satisfied for lunch.

Trust You Bro Platter

Trust You Bro Platter and a great shot of Downtown Fargo… Off Broadway!

Guacamole & Chips: $2.50
There was nothing overly special about this item, but we never say “no” to guac and it was satisfying.

“Big Mike” Taco: $4.00
A butter fried flour tortilla with chicken or beef and topped with chipotle mayo.
Yum. This was taco was loaded with meat, lettuce, sauce and REAL QUESO CHEESE. Yep, that’s right, no cheddar here. I love the authentic use of queso on this taco. And the butter fry on the tortilla added just a little crispness to the taco.

Beef Tostada, Mexillent Style: $4.00
A crunchy corn tortilla topped with beef, lettuce, queso cheese, pico de gallo, rice, beans & sriracha sour cream (not really authentic, but awesome none-the-less). What makes it Mexillent, you ask? Added guacamole and grilled corn… Right off the cob… fresh corn… there’s not much better in the summer.
Did I mention the grilled corn? It was sweet and perfect, just the way only corn right off the cob can be. The corn and the sriracha sour cream made this dish something I would seek out again and again. The mixture of the flavors was so delicious, I almost forgot to share.

The famous corn...

The famous corn…mmm.

Trust you Bro Platter: $7.50
A platter of whatever the chef feels like creating for you!
In this case, we got a plate full of beans & rice, a beef tostada and a beef taco. It was a massive and a good thing we were sharing.

The food we had was awesome, but I am warning you, there is no seating. They do have some table like spools for standing around, but no actual seating. This is understandable, however, because everyone else took their food to go.

All in all, Taco Bros is a A+ in my book. And apparently I am not alone in that thought. They currently hold a 4.5 Star Rating on Facebook after 198 ratings. Pretty impressive.

The Details:
Price Range: $3-10

https://www.facebook.com/TacoBros | #tacobrosfargo

Summer Hours:
Monday-Saturday 11am-3pm
Monday-Saturday 6pm-10pm
Friday & Saturday late night 1am-3am

PS. Yep! They are open after bar close on Friday & Saturday nights for all you night owls!

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