About Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week first began in New York City in 1992, and has since been adopted by many communities throughout the United States as a way to showcase a destination’s culinary scene.

In 2014, the Fargo-Moorhead area had its first-ever Restaurant Week. Many people loved the opportunity to try out some new restaurants, and said Fargo-Moorhead Restaurant Week should definitely happen again. So, we’ve decided to make it an annual event.

Celebrate the culinary genius that is Fargo – Moorhead – West Fargo local dining at Restaurant Week 2018! 



How does Restaurant Week work?

Participating restaurants create two-course and/or three-course menus, and offer them at a discounted price. Some restaurants will let you choose between a few different appetizers, entrees, or desserts and some have just one set offering for each course. To take part in Fargo-Moorhead Restaurant week, visit the participating restaurants June 7-16th, 2018.

Do I need to sign up or make reservations for Restaurant Week?

You do NOT need to sign up. Some of the participating restaurants accept reservations, but they are not required.

Do I have to let the restaurant know I’m there for Restaurant Week?

No, each participating restaurant should provide you with their Restaurant Week menu in addition to their regular menu. However, if you do not receive the Restaurant Week menu at a participating restaurant, please ask your server.

Can I provide feedback and ideas to help make Fargo-Moorhead Restaurant Week better?

Absolutely! We encourage you to email info@fargomoorhead.org with any feedback regarding Fargo-Moorhead Restaurant Week.