The adventures of three Englishmen in Fargo-Moorhead

It’s not very often you read a blog post about bloggers, but when three men make their way across all 50 states in a matter of 30 days, it’s something worth hearing about. Jonathan Thompson, Mark Chilvers, and Chris MacDonald have jumped the pond from their homes in London to America. These three Englishmen were asked by American Airlines to travel to each state and blog about their time there. Jon writes the articles, Chris takes video, and Mark photographs the scenery and shoots portraits of locals everywhere they go.

These guys are getting close to wrapping up their journey, but state #44 (ND) brought Jon, Chris, and Mark to good old Fargo! They arrived at 5:30pm and were headed on their merry way by 7am the next morning. Despite their exhaustion from traveling, the trio was enthusiastic about being in North Dakota! They were quick to comment about the beautiful sunset they witnessed as they landed at Hector International Airport and complimented the nice weather…an extremely rare happenstance in January!

Mallari Page and I had the pleasure of showing our visitors just some of what Fargo and North Dakota has to offer. I was happy to chat about the journey Lewis and Clark took through North Dakota in the early 1800’s. Jon was unsure what Superman had to do with North Dakota…”no, Jon…that was Lois & Clark,” Chris corrected his travel mate, giving a brief run down about the importance of the journey to us Yanks.

After a quick stop at their hotel, Mallari and I introduced our new friends to the Woodchipper!

Jon was the only one who had never seen the movie FARGO, but both Chris and Mark were huge fans. They were even more excited when we served them Woodchipper IPA from the Fargo Brewing Company and Chippers from Carol Widman’s Candy Store while they enjoyed the infamous scene, starring the Woodchipper itself!

This is when Chris admitted that he was a little sad that I didn’t have the “Fargo Accent”… Oh ya!

Before we moved on… Chris, Mark and Jon all left their mark at the F-M Visitor Center.

Putting a pin on the map where they’re from!

Next, we took the guys to ride the indoor

With a beer in their bellies and a memory from childhood relived, our friends were ready for an awesome meal. The Hotel Donaldson did not disappoint! From Bison Short Ribs to Red Deer, they feasted on excellent local fare and sipped on Stone’s Throw Scottish Ale, also from the Fargo Brewing Company.  All three were impressed by the fantastic food and atmosphere, but especially enjoyed the local art that decorates the entire building.

Next, we walked to the famous Fargo Theatre to grab a few shots of the sign and get some video of Wood-Chip Marge inside the theatre.

Finally, to top the night, Mallari arrange to see downtown Fargo from the 16th Floor of the Radisson Hotel. Mallari stunned us all with her skills on the piano while we enjoyed the incredible view.

Keeping up on their reading with the High Plains Reader at the Radisson!

We had so much fun with our newest Fargo Fans and look forward to seeing their blog post about their time in Fargo. Follow the rest of the journey on their blog!