Spin the Globe highlights Fargo in New Mobility

Sylvia Longmire of @spintheglobe visited us in September. She had a packed schedule, joining the Best for Last Club, seeing the sights, and experiencing accessible travel via her wheelchair. She shares her trip on New Mobility.

Sylvia, a seasoned traveler, aimed to visit all 50 states before turning 50, with North Dakota as her final stop. Facing travel challenges from Orlando, Florida, Sylvia devised a unique plan, utilizing Delta frequent flyer miles to fly to Minneapolis and then taking a Greyhound bus to Fargo.

During her 48-hour stay in Fargo, Sylvia had memorable experiences. She stayed at the centrally located Jasper Hotel, explored downtown Fargo’s vibrant art scene, and indulged in regional cuisine at acclaimed restaurants like Rosewild and BernBaum’s. Sylvia immersed herself in Fargo’s culture by visiting attractions such as the Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center and the Hjemkomst Center, which showcases the region’s Scandinavian heritage.

She enjoyed shopping at local shops and galleries, appreciating the accessibility, and engaging with friendly locals. Sylvia found the city’s accessibility exceptional, leaving with a desire to return and explore further.

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